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Hi, my name is William Walczak, and I'm the CEO of Hiilite, and this is Tina.
I'm the Chief Design Officer of Hiilite.
We want to talk to you about something that's near and dear to our hearts and that is: How we can overcome negative thoughts and how we can overcome adversity.
In this past week, we've had a couple of difficult things happen to us.
We've had a death, and we've had that one of our clients tell us that they have cancer and they're actually shutting down their business.
So, what we wanted to do is let you guys know what we do when something difficult happens.
So, what do you do?
Well, typically we follow three steps, and we have a short little acronym for you to help you remember this.
So, it's "MAL" and what that stands for is having a positive mindset, having positive actions and having positive language.
So positive mindset is actually just practicing and making sure that you think positively about things, reminding yourself about the good things.
So, journaling for example works really well.
Tina listens to podcasts every single morning that help her.
It's purely inspirational and it's actually something that that really helps me too.
So, last Friday I was feeling like very lazy; I made a hundred excuses why I shouldn't work out.
But instead forced myself to go to the gym, and by the time I was there, I was totally reenergized.
Rather than just waiting for myself to feel ready to do something I actually did it, and then while I was doing the positive behavior I started to feel better.
So that's a good example.
And you'll actually pull people in, I knew that she was going so I went too.
-Yeah, and thank you for coming; it meant a lot. -So...
No, thank you so much for pushing.
So your health is extremely important and that's one of those reminders this past week.
It's... you can be as successful as you want, but if you don't have your health it doesn't really matter.
So, schedule your health, schedule meals, schedule workouts.
So that's positive actions, and the last one was language.
When you're feeling negative, it's easy to talk about how hard everything is.
Will always says this, rather than phrasing it, "I'm having a hard time," saying "there's an opportunity for growth." "There's an opportunity to learn something here." "I'm excited for..."
So just by changing your language a little bit can really help shift the other things—the mindset the actions.
And if you have any other ways of overcoming negative thoughts please write them in the comments below as well.
The more we share and the more we talk about these things, the better we can do.
-We look forward to seeing any other suggestions you have in the comments. -Thank you, bye!


How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

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