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  • now another example of how Cove in 19 is separating people.

  • A divorced father has gone to court demanding sole custody of his daughter.

  • The reason.

  • His ex wife is an emergency room doctor and he says he fears for their child's safety.

  • Megan Alexander reports Dr Teresa Green is an e R doctor on the front lines in the Cove in 19 War.

  • She's an American hero, but now she's waging a new battle she didn't see coming.

  • I'm fighting this with everything I have for myself and for other frontline workers.

  • The divorced mom has just lost custody of her four year old daughter, at least until the pandemic is over.

  • This is a terrible precedent to set in a terrible choice that I have to make between my daughter and my career in medicine time when people need my help, her ex husband's lawyer told Inside Edition.

  • Mr Green and I have the utmost respect for Dr Greene's commitment to her critical work during this pandemic, adding Dr Greene is to be provided future makeup time sharing for each day missed during this challenging time and daily video communication with the child.

  • So is it safe for moms like Dr Greene to be home with our daughter during the pandemic.

  • Thousands of health care workers across the USA have been hit hard with the virus, according to the American Medical Association.

  • Frontline physicians should be able to go home to their families and to their Children as long as they take the proper precautions.

  • Dr.

  • Green's attorney, Steven Norman, is Dr Greene a danger to her daughter.

  • I am confident that Dr Greene is doing everything that she's supposed to be doing to make sure that she's following all the protocols, all the CDC recommendations, Dr.

  • Greene says she's appealing the emergency order that awarded temporary custody to her ex husband.

  • But for now, the brave E.

  • R physician from Miami, Florida, will only be able to see her daughter online.

now another example of how Cove in 19 is separating people.


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B1 中級 新型コロナウイルス 新型肺炎 COVID-19

E.R.の医師はパンデミックの間に一時的に彼女の子供の親権を失った (E.R. Doctor Temporarily Loses Custody of Her Kid During Pandemic)

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