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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to show me the curry dot com.

  • I'm little I'm unusual.

  • And today we have a special guest with us.

  • Mom Landy.

  • Had you wanted to introduce her to everybody?

  • They give you getting a lot of questions about allergy foods and, you know, stuff.

  • You know, people going through allergies and they want specific foods and the need specific diets.

  • So we have Somebody over here will be able to help us and to be able to tell us a little bit more about it.

  • So he has Magnante I yes, hello to everyone.

  • Before I say anything, it's I must actually kicked in and what they see in Castaic website Thank you very much.

  • The deadly fine tuning all recipes and presented them to us.

  • I began working with the analogy when we realized that Manson waas severely allergic to wonderful foods.

  • And that is how my journey began about 89 years ago.

  • They're actually it may mean elegy boots, wheat, eggs, soy, dead.

  • I mean, that's three nuts and goes fishing fish on.

  • The government of Canada has white sesame as more people also have problems at the second level with chickpeas, mushrooms.

  • I generally avoid all of those things in my cooking.

  • Avoiding is the best thing.

  • You can do it better to be safe.

  • Since I actually for me, people with allergies was like It's somebody else's problem because unfortunately, I don't have Children or I don't have family members that have severe allergy problems.

  • But lately I've noticed that more of my friends, Children's more my kids, classmates.

  • I'm hearing more and more people that there suffering from these allergies.

  • And I know for Indian you might find recipes out there that that work.

  • But for Indian palate, it's really difficult.

  • So I know he has a lot of different recipes that she's incorporated to the Indian palate.

  • So we're waiting and excited.

  • But it's really spooky because just in the last 1 may also be got at least something.

  • Four e mails are just people asking for help if we can do this for free or we can do that reluctance free.

  • So I'm so happy to have you on board and you know, he really, really valuable to our viewers.

  • And obviously we hear every one of those comments.

  • We read every one of those e mails and you know we try.

  • You know I do, You know, when we don't know, we try to get help.

  • So it's all one big learning experience, and it could use the way I started with.

  • This is my grandson.

  • Before he said that he would never have about the party because he couldn't be cake and could be pizzas on.

  • They just got to me.

  • And I think that no child should ever be the bride, that they should be a sense of inclusion.

  • And we should do as many common things as possible.

  • You know, even with your food here on these kids, eating two parties and holding the party rule in their hands.

  • And then you put a bowl of rice in front of the other kids, so it just increases the sense of deprivation that psychologically do.

  • One has to.

  • I'll deal with this, and I've been experimenting with different class, and we all know that anything which doesn't have beauty does not have elasticity, does not stretch and cannot be manipulated the same day.

  • So it's taken me a long, long time.

  • I told a lot of things.

  • Then there is your IQ, a woman's When you realize that.

  • Okay, this is something that Waas and I would really love to share it with you.

  • I need to do this the thing with the buoy and makes the parties especially.

  • You can sell everybody.

  • My granddaughter can eat wheat and everything else.

  • I make the same police for her because the one thing she loves him, everything is it's so much easier.

  • You don't have anybody about two different walks.

  • And, you know, have I used the wrong oil or something like that?

  • You know, I touched.

  • Has there been any cross contamination?

  • Has this fire for this one?

  • That's something else, So it's so much easier to do it that way.

  • And if you get good results, that's what we want, right?

  • Everyone gets to like what we do.

  • So this is why I would like to share.

  • So I think it's great that everybody again, this feeling of exclusion when you're making one set of food for one person and everybody else gets, she's even though they beat them, they still feel segregated, so I think it's great that the whole family can enjoy for solve.

  • It tastes great that that's a added plus and then everybody can, you know, enjoy the whole meal without feeling that their sacrifice is something I can just imagine, you know, sitting with a bowl of rice.

  • I'm sure it's good, but, you know, one idea the spice of life.

  • Everybody wants just Children, dolls.

  • Everybody wants it so you can give it excellence.

  • I would love it if you have your own investigations.

  • Could share your own experiences because we're living here, right?

  • So I think we're gonna try to have a segment on our website for allergy foods, and m'lady will help us with that.

  • So please feel pretty to share your comments or questions, and we'll try to get an answer for this.

  • So thank you so much.

  • And welcome aboard, I shall be the curry dot com and join us again on another option of adding a pinch of spice to your life.



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