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  • Morning guys we got up really early this morning so that we could pack our stuff

  • You can see our futon is all folded up back there

  • I'm really looking forward to getting back to my soft koala mattress because my back hurts so much

  • Sleeping on this futon for the past three weeks, but could have been worse, at least the floor was nice and heated

  • We're going downstairs to have a last breakfast with his family

  • And then we'll be grabbing our suitcases and going to catch the bus to the airport.

  • So this is our spread for breakfast today

  • She makes so many little dishes, and then we just pick and choose from what we want to eat

  • With a bowl of rice and some miso soup

  • So good, I'm gonna miss this

  • We're just waiting for the plane now, our boarding time's in like, another half an hour. We've been sitting here forever

  • I don't know why we came here so early

  • I'm so sleepy. I really really can't wait to get home and just sleep

  • I hope the cats come cuddle with us when the weather starts to get cold

  • Maro likes to sleep under the blankets with us, it was still pretty warm when we left

  • But I think it's probably gotten a bit chillier now

  • So it's so weird to think the next time we take a flight to Korea, it'll be a one-way ticket, and we'll be staying there

  • That's crazy. My life is crazy.

  • Maro! Luna!

  • Maro!

  • Marooo!

  • Maro come here!

  • Good boy!

  • Come here, come here!

  • Good boy!

  • Happy man

  • Happy man! Are you happy? Were you lonely? Are you lonely? I'm sorry

  • What's that?

  • Yeah, yeah

  • Happy man

  • Good boy, baby

  • Happy girl

  • Happy girl

  • Oh, are you hungry? Are you hungry? Yeah?

  • Snack time?

  • Favorite, favorite, yeah?

  • We made it back home, now it's time to

  • Organize this mess of luggage. I'm so hungry, I just want to eat.

  • We're just gonna cereal for dinner because we don't have anything in the house

  • and I've got some of like leftover chocolate so I'm just gonna eat it with that

  • I guess I'm gonna say goodnight here guys. It's gonna be a short vlog. Sorry. It's so short but tomorrow

  • I've got a really long day planned. I need to renew my visa for Japan actually and I need to go to a

  • party, an end-of-the-year party

  • Greg and Nicole are gonna come with me

  • It's gonna be a fun day

  • but it's...I got lots to do, first I got to go to the City Hall and get all the papers I need for my visa

  • Then go sign the papers with the lawyer etc etc all that fun stuff

  • So I'm just gonna deal with this tonight, and I'm not gonna bore you guys with that so I will see you again tomorrow, bye~

Morning guys we got up really early this morning so that we could pack our stuff


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我が家に帰ってきた猫たちの反応|Vlogmas 7日目 (How Our Cats Reacted to us Coming Home | Vlogmas Day 7)

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