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  • Bernie Sanders.

  • He's dropped out.

  • Shocking Americans into remembering an election is still happening.

  • Congressman, now that Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee, will you support him?

  • Are you holding out for someone with less mental cognition?

  • No.

  • I'm all in for Vice President Biden.

  • Thank you, Senator Sanders, for raising the issue of student loan debt, raising the issue of college access for everyone.

  • I know Vice President Biden is going to carry that all the way to the finish line.

  • This is a big news exclusive.

  • You are officially endorsing Joe, but count me in now.

  • Going back to your campaign.

  • You had pointed out at a debate that Biden's biggest campaign weakness is his age.

  • Mental state thoughts, statements, actions, ideas and campaign Really establish yourself as the elder abuse candidate for our time.

  • If called upon, will you show party unity by donating at least some of your brain to Joe?

  • But, uh, so I did not say that, but I'll give a lot.

  • I'll give a lot.

  • I don't know if it'll be a transplant, but I'm gonna do all I can.

  • Oh, my God, We gotta talk about this.

  • It's the biggest story in the news.

  • Of course, it's my blockbuster.

  • One on one conversation with Rudy Giuliani.

  • Take a look.

  • So I swung by the Grand Havana room and they mentioned you have some kind of outstanding upholstery cleaning bill.

  • Sounds like you said on that chair for four minutes and stain was like nothing they've ever witnessed in this world or any other.

  • I don't remember breaking its share.

  • Yeah, I don't think it was breaking so much as a stain that they were worried about Stain.

  • Yeah.

  • Now, that brings us to tonight's installment of Stain Gate.

  • Now, Congressman, you're on the intelligence Committee.

  • Do you think your committee can handle this investigation or does it require bipartisan, select committee?

  • Well, the stain that Rudy Giuliani left on our democracy we already held him accountable for by impeaching his client, the President.

  • United States.

  • The investigation that I think has to happen, though, is how are we prepared to take on Kobe 19.

  • What did the president know?

  • And when we'll ask about that crap too.

  • Hello, Mr Mayor.

  • This is James Smartwood calling from CBS All access.

  • Do you mind if we record this call?

  • No, I d Oh, sure.

  • sure you don't mind?

  • I do mind.

  • And I'm in the middle of doing something.

  • I got Congressman Swalwell.

  • He's ready to talk.

  • We have maybe 30 seconds of your time.

  • No, I don't want to talk to Congressman Swalwell.

  • You can say that I would not appear with Congressman Swalwell because I think he was involved in two or three years, right?

  • Right of illegally and improperly attempting to remove a president of state school.

  • So I have this chair here from a position I knew was full.

  • Apparently, the stain was so bad that a Geiger counter was just going nuts.

  • They got to seal this chair for 1000 years.

  • And I think that's a very, very serious share.

  • Offense against our republic.

  • Yes.

Bernie Sanders.


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エリック・スワルウェル下院議員とジェームズ・スマートウッド議員がルディ・ジュリアーニに電話をかけ、ステインゲートの話をしています。 (Rep. Eric Swalwell and James Smartwood call Rudy Giuliani to talk Stain-Gate)

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