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  • It's the Netflix phenomenon that's kept millions entertained during the lock down.

  • Now Les Trent with some exclusive footage you haven't seen on Tiger King Rick Kirk, Um knows the Tiger King better than just about anyone.

  • The man who is very cruel.

  • He's a very cruel and evil person.

  • Kirk, um, was a key figure in the hit Docuseries, but back in the 19 nineties he was a reporter.

  • Here it Inside Edition.

  • I have a chance to spare some pretty wild and crazy things.

  • Well known for his daring exploits, he and I still keep in touch last.

  • It's great to see you as usual.

  • Are you surprised by the impact of the Netflix series?

  • It's just insane.

  • I'm in Oslo, Norway, and I walk down the street and people stop their cars and point out the window going, Are you Tiger?

  • Rick?

  • Kirk?

  • Um, says one reaction to the TV show that's taken him by surprise is that so many viewers actually feel sorry for Joe Exotic.

  • The documentary really portrayed the fact that he had an evil heart.

  • I'm the most part.

  • They got wrong was in any way making making the audience feels sorry for this man, Joe Exotic, is now serving 22 years for plotting to kill animal rights activist Carole Baskin Kirk Um, says he's bewildered by any suggestion of a presidential pardon, which came up last week at a briefing on the pandemic.

  • I'll take a look.

  • Is that Joe exotic?

  • That's jokes.

  • First of all, the reporter would ask the president about pardoning Joe exotic, and secondly, that he would actually even think about inconsiderate ice is just ludicrous.

  • Kirk, um shared with Inside Edition viewers Video not seen in the series video He shot himself when he was producing a Joe exotic reality show.

  • This'll Clip shows the volatile Joe exotic firing a gun inside the zoo's TV studio.

  • Kirk Um, says he also witnessed something he will never forget.

  • When a woman gave Joe exotic an older horse toe look after Joe said Rick, roll the camera.

  • Come with me.

  • He walked right up, drew his gun, shot the horse in the hand, used a chainsaw to cut it up and fed it to the Tigers.

It's the Netflix phenomenon that's kept millions entertained during the lock down.


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タイガー・リックは、ジョー・エキゾチックが ハメられたのではないと確信していると語っている (‘Tiger Rick’ Says He’s Sure Joe Exotic Wasn’t Framed)

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