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[Better Americanos - A coffee hack…]
Today, we're gonna cover how you can make your Americanos taste way, way better.
This is actually a little hack that I posted before several years ago.
That video, sadly, now lost forever.
What do you need?
Well, you need an Americano and then you need two spoons.
So the basis of the hack is this: crema is beautiful but does not taste very good.
Now, I learnt this method from the guys at the Coffee Collective in Denmark in Copenhagen.
They taught it to me, and it was kind of a game changer for me.
All you're gonna do is you're gonna make an Americano.
Once the crema has all settled a little bit, you gonna get your two spoons and then scoop off the foam, the crema from the top of the Americano.
That's all you need to do, and it's gonna taste twice as good.
[Why does this work?]
Well, turns out, the crema looks amazing, but that foam tends to suspend tiny little pieces of coffee, and things that just taste quite bitter.
When you take them away, the whole drink gets less bitter.
You might ask if I don't want an Americano to taste like an Americano, why don't I just make a filter coffee?
That is a good question.
Sometimes you just don't have access to a filter coffee brewer, and you may have access to a home espresso machine.
[Two bonus tips.]
If you use a commercial machine, try tasting freshly heating water versus water straight from the spout.
At the most extreme, steam a pitcher of water hot and use that to make Americano.
The freshly heated water, so much better.
Second little bonus tip.
This works with an espresso.
You can scoop the creme off an espresso, and I think get sometimes a more complex, more vibrant espresso as a result.
Now, I'm not recommending that you start getting rid of the crema on the espresso you serve or drink at home, but I would recommend trying it at least once.
It is super delicious.
It's fun.
Go make better coffee.
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アメリカーノの簡単レシピ(Coffee Hack: Better Americanos)

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