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  • before I became a father.

  • Today I would like to do a small buy A race of hand.

  • I'm in a beauty are extremely north by these symbols.

  • Many of you indeed, before I got to explain to you why I want to interview you a constant condom productivity from 1971 to 2015.

  • And here I'm known as the digital Revolution which introduced the Internet Person of acute Smell it.

  • So why the number of transistors?

  • Micro processes, which is a reliable indicator technological capability.

  • This magic doubles every two years.

  • Worker productivity Where actually goes down.

  • What this does is on that's technologists become more advanced and more readily way should have supposed to make our shocks easier and Maur efficient.

  • The Maginot getting our productivity actually increases.

  • So what actually happened with productivity?

  • Why?

  • There are many factors to be blamed for this decline.

  • So Justin teaching work force that one particular factor that really captures my attention things I was also a big tail is addiction to technological destruction, you see, with a plethora of information accessible writing from resistible click bait like top 17.

  • Most talking to Theo.

  • You may also like Justin bottom every single we are being directed to an infinite supply of mostly used this information and before you even know it, it's already let me be.

  • Your Simon is, do you?

  • You have that look like two minutes mediocre work.

  • Promise yourself that it would never, ever.

  • And then we wait.

  • It doesn't stop after I escaped from the prison of Internet addiction.

  • Sometimes you myself haunted by images that once was just like a group friend coming to a coffee shop, took a Southie hostess things around and then sign it.

  • Everyone was scrolling on the phone.

  • What's being images like?

  • My classmate, who surrounds it's over 15 seconds off, buffering uploading his Netflix image like a girl lying over boyfriend lates reformed its big 10 minutes.

  • He had become screaming over in 15 seconds off you two appetizers and keep pushing this keep screaming, for The problem is it is no.

  • Every single sign from YouTube to Facebook is deliberately and intentionally designed to be a If you're no paying for it, you become the product like a newspaper subscription, social media ups and all I cider than jump you send for using the product you anyway.

  • they happen entirely.

  • R and D team, too, looks like on these, as these are invented off infinite growth behind every screening.

  • Your phone are generally like literally 1000.

  • Engineers have what's on that thing.

  • To try to make men holy.

  • They are taking behavioral cocaine and just bring all of you.

  • And that's the thing that you like coming back.

  • Indeed, features like infinite growth and stuff you to turn the pages or winter medication off everything from lies.

  • Commons mentioned strange messages.

  • They are intended to keep you in a vicious cycle hosts and to you stay on as long as the more you use them, the more I just that's what you see.

  • Advertisement rotation use on Facebook after searching by not in your brain.

  • Time to catch up with the same poses all my size and socially.

  • Yes, actually, more effective.

  • Then Cocaine and Elka you making you be bands on them according to transfer you 15.

  • Similarly recent MSU also in that excessive.

  • So show me the usage can compromise.

  • Our decision making ability seems to drug addiction.

  • This is extremely concerned, considering that many young Children upstate beating even Internet since a very young technologist ability off looking young people by constantly releasing Dylan line angry.

  • Eight.

  • New Generation of this impatient and unproductive.

  • The good news.

  • It is never too late to rehab it.

  • What, and they know to be in the best position to your specific medical boxes.

  • One approach that worked quite well from its destiny in particular, scream.

  • At first it was Selves, very tough outing to even through tile to resist this temptation.

  • So any half to start small, maybe 2 30 minutes a day and then gradually increases, I would suggest rendering all your electronic devices.

  • There were screams.

  • Free time you can try to look for or even spend some minutes to make it and allow your praying to quiet down and recover the first in every recovery.

  • Croce.

  • Whether it's substance or be Europe, use it to assess the fact that you are It will be a difficult Remember there he waas by regaining control, your extending from the prison off constant destruction beauty, my technology.

  • We're also gaining the time, and those that can be used to finish out the game ignition.

  • Call your grandma.

  • Contemplate.

  • Thank you.

before I became a father.


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