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  • Hey, as a gun.

  • Uh, my name's Kayla Stevenson.

  • I'm a poet from Colorado.

  • Eso This poem was titled Don't ask me about my gag reflex.

  • I know I'm depressed when I feel guilty for eating standing in a fridge.

  • Well, comparing meals two mirrors, the light illuminating my face.

  • But somehow it still feels dark in this kitchen.

  • I'm learning that I'm not lot away myself anymore, cause they start rounding up digits to the nearest decimal, comparing shock classes to calories to my chipped nail polish.

  • There's 13.5 calories in the single son ship, but there's nothing sonny about today.

  • I just start searching for hope with my fingertips, knowing only find dead girls inside, leaving a bathroom to tell a lie, explaining to my friends about the tears in my eyes, I was actually crying.

  • I was just trying to save room for something more than a sweaty body on top of me.

  • Sometimes I need to feel empty so I can finally breathe again from the back.

  • That's way less than heartburn and hearts way less on empty stomachs.

  • I want to soar away from stomach girls, but they keep me grounded and stagnant.

  • trying, crying, hunched over a bathroom sink, pretending like I'm not actually dying, Although collarbones have always been a good look on me.

  • So start plucking my soul from my rib cage with hip bones and tasting myself, I guess, and dissolving tea for dessert.

  • I just carried gum and my wallet.

  • I don't pant the sour taste on desperation onto unsuspecting companionship of our tricks to be taught.

  • You want to be good at this.

  • And some days I teach myself all of them on those days that I feel depressed.

  • Thank you.

Hey, as a gun.


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