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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to show me the curry dot com I'm hip, I'm a new Gia.

  • And today we're gonna show you how to make a chocolate pudding a recipe that you shared by us tow us by Libya from Germany.

  • And this is a recipe that can easily be made until Regan putting fantastic recipe.

  • So simple.

  • That's get started.

  • All right, so this is gonna sound very unusual It did to us.

  • I'm sure it'll to you also.

  • But the base of this recipe are too ripe.

  • Avocados so interesting, right?

  • Right.

  • So when you pick an avocado, you want to make sure that it's when you press it, it goes down just a little bit and bounces back up, and then you know that it's ready to eat something.

  • Take the avocado and basically just chop it and put it into a blender.

  • And over here, I have a right banana.

  • Right for it is if there's a wood, the better.

  • So anyway, this is the rapist we could get.

  • So again, I will slice it and put it into the blender.

  • To this, we're gonna add 1.5 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder, quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract, and we're gonna put honey to taste approximately two tablespoons.

  • You can also add in Naples.

  • Sit up if you perform.

  • Oh, just sugar.

  • So we're choosing to use honey today, which is not really a vegan product.

  • But if you are vegan and you want to make this completely a vegan recipe, then you can use a sweetener of your choice.

  • So to soften up this putting, we're gonna use a vegan milk and you can use whatever vegan milk you have on hand.

  • Vivia used coconut milk.

  • We have almond milk on hand so we can do that.

  • You can even use rice milk.

  • We're gonna use one tablespoon to start off with and depending on the consistency, you know, if you want, we're gonna add a little later on.

  • So we have everything in a blender, and we're just gonna lend this until it's a nice, smooth pudding like consistency.

  • And of course, if we need to add a little bit of more milk, we're gonna do that.

  • They may need to stop it halfway through and to scrape down the sides and make sure all the cocoa powder is not stuck to the sites.

  • So we ended up using two tablespoons of her almond milk to make the consistency just right.

  • And we also squeeze a little bit more of honey inside because, of course, or banana was probably not as right as it should have been.

  • But you couldn't, you know, totally adjust it to your taste.

  • So after little tasting, it's perfect.

  • So here we have some Ram kins.

  • Of course, you can pour it into anything you want to serve it in, but we kind of Children a little bit just to give it a little head start.

  • And I was just gonna spoon in the mixture.

  • Here, forget it.

  • Stupid consistency is beautiful.

  • Look at the color.

  • Who I would have thought, You know, that avocados could look so beautiful in brown.

  • So the proportions that we showed you made about 5/4 cup servings of chocolate pudding.

  • And what we gonna do now do is we're gonna put it in the refrigerator.

  • We're gonna allow the Children about 15 to 20 minutes on dhe.

  • Take it out.

  • Garnish if you want, and that's about it.

  • You should dig into.

  • So our chocolate pudding is Are the friendship has been chilling for about 30 minutes were very patient.

  • But do you know?

  • Come on, you gotta give it a shot now.

  • Consistency.

  • Wow, look at that.

  • It's amazing.

  • I mean, interesting.

  • Yeah, Avocado on banana together.

  • It's just it's creamy and smooth, and it's so putting like it's it's amazing.

  • Yes, I think it's also this was a really good one for people who have milk allergies, doctors and tolerant, I think, I think fantastic.

  • Yeah, that creamy flavor without the milk.

  • So, you know, I feel bad for Children who have milk allergies because they see all their friends eating chocolate pudding and they can't, you know.

  • So this is fabulous for them.

  • Absolutely wonderful recipe.

  • So if you'd like to see more of our videos, please remember to subscribe, and you'll be the first to know every time we post a new recipe.

  • All right, thank you for this recipe and join us again on the leather episode of Show Me the card dot com.



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ビーガン チョコレート プリン レシピ (Vegan Chocolate Pudding Recipe)

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