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  • Lord Shivaprimordial destroyer of evil, slayer of demons, protector, and omniscient observer of the universewas testing his wife's patience.


  • Historically, the union between Shiva and Parvati was a glorious one.


  • They maintained the equilibrium between thought and action on which the well-being of the world depended.

    彼らはこの世の幸福の拠り所となる 思索と行動の均衡を維持していました。

  • Without Parvati as the agent of energy, growth, and transformation on Earth, Shiva would become a detached observer, and the world would remain static.

    この世界のエネルギー 成長そして、変身を司るパールバティーなしではシヴァ神は外からただ見守るばかりで 世界は静止し続けたことでしょう。

  • But together, the two formed a divine union known as Ardhanarishvara –– a sacred combination which brought fertility and connection to all living things.


  • For these reasons, Parvati was worshipped far and wide as the mother of the natural world –– and the essential counterpart to Shiva's powers of raw creation.

    これらの理由でパールバティーは自然界の母として、そして物質を創り出す シヴァの力を補う不可欠な存在として広く崇拝されました。

  • She oversaw humanity's material comforts and ensured that the Earth's inhabitants were bonded to each other physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


  • Yet a rift had grown between these two formidable forces.


  • While Parvati sustained daily life with care and control, Shiva had begun to belittle his wife's essential workand insisted on quarreling about their roles in the universe.

    パールバティーが日常生活に注意を払い管理しているあいだに、シヴァ神は妻のとても大切な作業を見くびるようになり、強情を張って この世界における彼らの役割について物言いをつけました。

  • He believed that Brahma, the Creator of the world, had conceived the material plane purely for his own fancy.


  • And therefore, all material things were merely distractions called māyā — nothing but a cosmic illusion.


  • For millennia Parvati had merely smiled knowingly as Shiva dismissed the things she nurtured.

    パールバティーが育んだものをシヴァ神が 終わらせようとしている数千年の間、彼女は ただ心得顔に微笑んでいました。

  • But upon His latest rebuke, she knew she had to prove the importance of her work once and for all.


  • She took flight from the world, withdrawing her half of the cosmic energy that kept the Earth turning.

    彼女はその世界から逃げ出し、世界を動かし続けていた彼女の 宇宙的なエネルギーを半分に減じました。

  • At her disappearance, a sudden, terrifying and all-encompassing scarcity enveloped the world in eerie silence.


  • Without Parvati, the land became dry and barren.


  • Rivers shrank and crops shriveled in the fields.


  • Hunger descended on humanity.


  • Parents struggled to console their starving children while their own stomachs rumbled.


  • With nothing to eat, people no longer gathered over heaped bowls of rice, but withdrew and shrank from the darkening world.


  • To his shock and awe, Shiva also felt the profound emptiness left by his wife's absence.


  • Despite his supreme power, he too realized that he was not immune to the need for sustenance, and his yearning felt bottomless and unbearable.


  • As Shiva despaired over the desolate Earth, he came to realize that the material world could not be so easily dismissed.


  • At her husband's epiphany, the compassionate Parvati could no longer stand by and watch her devotees wasting away.


  • To walk among them and restore their health, she took the form of a new avatar, carrying a golden bowl of porridge and armed with a jewel-encrusted ladle.


  • As word of this hopeful figure spread, she was worshipped as Annapurna, the Goddess of food.


  • With the arrival of Annapurna, the world blossomed anew.


  • People rejoiced at fertility and food, and communed together to give thanks.


  • Some believe that Annapurna first appeared in the sacred city of Kashi, or the Place of Freedom, on the banks of the Gangeswhere she opened a kitchen to fill the bellies of the people until they could eat no more.

    聖なる都市のカーシー すなわちガンジス川のほとりにある「自由の地」こそ、アンナプルナが初めて出現した場所で、そこで彼女は調理場を開き、人々はお腹がはちきれそうになるまでお腹を満たしたのだと信じる人もいます。

  • But it was not only mere mortals who were served at her feast.

    しかし 彼女のごちそうにあやかったのは人間だけではありませんでした。

  • Humbled at the scenes of earthly pleasure blooming all around him, Lord Shiva himself approached the goddess with an empty bowl and begged for food and forgiveness.


  • For this reason, the supreme deity is sometimes portrayed as a poor beggar at the mercy of Annapurna holding her golden bowl in her left hand, while the right forms the abhaya mudra –– a gesture of safety and assurance.

    この理由で、最高神シヴァはアンナプルナのなすがままにされる ―哀れな物乞いとして描かれることがあります。彼女は左手に黄金の器を持ち一方 右手は安全と請負を示す ―「アバヤ・ムドラー」のしぐさをとっています。

  • With these symbols, this powerful avatar makes it clear that the material world is anything but an illusion.

    巨大な力を持った化身はこの象徴的なしぐさにより、物質的な世界は 決して幻想ではないことを明らかにしています。

  • At TED Ed, we believe in story-telling, but story don't have to be ancient to be powerful.

    TED Edでは、ストーリーテリングを信じていますが、強力であるためにストーリーが古くなくてもかまいません。

  • That's why we create a program for students all over the world to hone and share their ideas in the form of short, TED-style talks.


  • Everyone, no matter their age, has an idea worth sharing.


  • Rather, it is a cycle of life that must be sustainedfrom the feeding of open mouths and rumbling bellies to the equilibrium of the Earth.


Lord Shivaprimordial destroyer of evil, slayer of demons, protector, and omniscient observer of the universewas testing his wife's patience.



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ヒンドゥー教の栄養の女神アンナプルナの伝説 - アンタラ・レイチャウドゥリ&イッセー・ギルスピー (The legend of Annapurna, Hindu goddess of nourishment - Antara Raychaudhuri & Iseult Gillespie)

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