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  • In today's lesson we're going to learn English with Lucy Lu and Uma Thurman in

  • Quentin Tarantino's classic Kill Bill

  • Now first off, this scene just like the movies is violent so it might not be for

  • you if you're sensitive to violence then I recommend you check out one of our

  • other movie lessons by clicking up here otherwise you have the opportunity in

  • this lesson to learn over 50 advanced words and phrases and to check your

  • learning at the end we have a fun quiz prepared for you finally before we jump

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  • without subtitles.

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  • with Kill Bill

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  • your English awww yeah!

In today's lesson we're going to learn English with Lucy Lu and Uma Thurman in


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映画で英語を学ぶ|キル・ビル【上級編 (Learn English With Movies | Kill Bill [Advanced Lesson])

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