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  • What is up? Today, we are learning with the actress who plays Daenerys Targaryen

  • on the popular series Game of Thrones.

  • Get ready for Emilia Clarke on Ellen!

  • So, this interview is really funny because we see that Emilia is really

  • quite different from the character that she plays on the popular TV series.

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  • Now, get ready for this interview with Emilia Clarke!

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  • So, when Rigby got his samples back from the laboratory,

  • he made a startling discovery.

  • What he believed to be igneous was in fact sedimentary.

  • I got up there, and they were all... like, staring at me.

  • I opened up my mouth and this British accent just came out.

  • Yeah, and not a very good one.

  • So, she's like, this whole, like, situation...

  • That was amazing.

  • Wow, that's actually very good.

  • Thank you.

  • Yeah... we had, like, a really good time!

  • I got so close to, like, getting Jai (Courtney) to buy me, like, a $700 ar conditioning unit.

  • I, like, got the guy to help me - he was freaking out. It was awesome.

  • All right, I hope you had a lot of fun with that lesson, you laughed a lot and that you

  • understood a lot better that second time around.

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  • Aww yeah!

What is up? Today, we are learning with the actress who plays Daenerys Targaryen


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エミリア・クラーク&エレンと一緒に英語を学ぶ (Learn English With Emilia Clarke & Ellen)

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