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[GOING SEVENTEEN - February edition]
[The couple match continues / The retro guy, Mingyu is on!] Then next, Mingyu, please come to the stage.
[Insincere] Oh, he looks good.
[Good-looking and huge dragonfly] Wow, he really looks like a huge dragonfly.
Mingyu, you look like you are trying to maintain
[The concept of a reserved dragonfly] a quiet and reserved image,
- Oh yeah, - Yes.
[Glad] Your hair's so pretty, too.
[A rare friendly moment] - Oh, yeah? - Yeah, like the nerd fashion.
Thank you.
[Hates friendly atmosphere] Is there anyone you''d like to come forward as your partner?
I just want a lot of contestants.
In fact, the members who have already got a partner could come out, too.
[Interested] Therefore,
[Heightened expectation] - All of them are your potential partners, am I right? - That's right.
How many do you expect?
[Neither more nor less] - Two? - Oh, two would be good?
- You are humble. - Okay, please turn around.
[TIME for cushion advancement] Anyone who'd like to be matched with Mingyu, please come forward.
[What would be the fate for Jeonghan ♥ Joshua?] So unfolds another fun event.
Did you happen to hear his last breath?
[There's one forward] Yes.
[A happy head] Someone who made a difficult way here?
Have you any idea who that is?
[So excited] Is it WOOZI?
[Me?] Wow, this is a total blast!
[Their intertwined fate]
For that one person,
[Record number?] - Maybe this looks like the record number.. - Please turn around.
[Excited turnaround] Please turn around.
[Record number in the waiting]
In fact, Jeonghan moved to here for a more comfortable area.
[From here / To here] He was feeling uncomfortable here, so he went over there.
[Record holder] So, unfortunately,
You haven't made a partner,
Then Mingyu can approach others
[Sorry for no reason / Solemn] - More assertively. - Yeah, right.
[Lonely to the bone] Love can be received but also can be given.
Love comes back.
He looks a little pathetic.
- Right, it feels really strange. - Then who are those who haven't been up here?
[Still a lot] WOOZI and DK.
- There's a lot. - More than I thought.
Okay, next, THE 8.
[The king of the dance, THE 8 on the stage]
Look at those trousers.
It's like, in the field of dance..
[Ran out of comments]
[Got the comment straight] - He has been a phenomenon in the field of dance. - That's right.
With his neck moves?
[I have been there]
[TIME for advancement into THE 8's heart] Anyone who wants to come behind The 8, come forward.
[Two? / Okay]
Oh, this would be a serious war!
[Love and war] From my perspective, he wanted it to be fun and he wanted to come out and then back,
[Caught on site] - But then he felt embarrassed, - Maybe, kinda like a failure?
That was somewhat iffy.
Didn't you think of it that way? Or not?
[An honest gentleman] A little?
Well, now he's here at this guy.
Now, THE 8,
[Such a reliable MC] You are so haughty, who do you think you have behind?
[Pretending not to hear] - Huh? - Who do you think you have behind?
You look like you have everyone there now.
[A haughty back] I am not sure.
- You are not sure? - Yeah.
[A humble front] Good.
Please turn around.
[I am here]
If this couple gets matched
I want to call them "The Wines."
Just now Joshua was matched with Jeonghan, right?
Yes, right.
[Trying to read this guy] From another point of view
[I am the one who discarded him] - No, I was a little tired of him. - Oh, you were tired?
- I was here first, but I went back because of the noise he makes when he breathes. - Oh, you came back because he was breathing loud?
[Inducing extra talk] In fact, Jeonghan came forward first, Mingyu.
[Done with the talk] - Thanks. - Okay, I see.
[So curious] What's the reason that brought you here?
I think we will make a good couple.
- This dude's serious! He's serious! - He suddenly became serious.
[His heart showing] My hearts flutters a bit.
You weren't here when THE 8 was here?
[The man of many attractions who couldn't get chosen] Oh, I was..
[I am.. regretting] - I thought a lot after that. - Good.
Then you should say to THE 8
a word of apology, because,
- from a point, you are the first person who gave him a hard time. - He may not choose you.
[Give it a shot] Could you listen to his last word?
[Threatening] If THE 8 doesn't choose you, then you get coupled with me.
[Can't look in THE 8's eyes] It was a bit of back and forth game.
No, don't tell me that.
It was a bit of back and forth game.
I wanted to make you want me more.
[I thought I could get you with this.] Oh, you are being a little haughty.
Hold your hand out,
If you want, you can hold his hands,
And if you don't, you can slap it.
[What would be the choice of the man of many attractions?]
[Couple match failed] You, how could you!
[Dragonfly wings]
[Merciless] There's no mercy, please get back in.
Go back in!
You'd rather be nice to Jeonghan again.
You know that, right?
Until now, there are people who are matched into couples and who are not.
So those of you who have matched into couples, stop coming forth,
And those who haven't been matched,
Then I will come up.
I was so troubled when DK was there..
- I am not sure if anyone would come forward or not. - Only if I wasn't matched!
[Not proclaimed from others] DK was a self-proclaimed Happy Virus at the time of our debut.
What does it mean to be a self-proclaimed Happy Virus at the time of debut?
[Not proclaimed from others] Aren't you also a self-proclaimed future of K-pop?
[Not self-proclaimed either] No, I've never said that! I've never said that!
Who haven't been matched into couples?
Wonwoo, Mingyu, WOOZI, and THE 8.
Anyone you expect to come forward?
There's actually one person who I was keeping an eye on.
Then, now that you've come out here,
You can rather tell him to come out.
[A new plot development] - Straight to him? - Yeah.
So driven!
In fact, since before we started the shooting,
there was one person who kept looking at me.
Some personal motive?
[His deep sad eyes] So I was a little self-aware of him
So I expect he would be here.
Who is that?
Hoshi, would you come forward?
[Love and War - Episode Hoshi] Hoshi, would you come forward?
But in fact, Hoshi
[His heart moving even with the awareness] - Is already coupled with Jun. - Right.
[Where would his heart be headed to? (Sobs)] Okay, well we have to be listening to Hoshi's thought.
Then anyone who wants to be coupled with DK,
You shall come forward.
"You shall come forward?' You suddenly talk like a history drama.
[In the meantime, two advances forward] - A history drama, all of a sudden? - You should pay attention.
[And then for a period of thinking]
[Hoshi realizes his true heart]
Oh, there's a lot.
There's a lot behind you.
[In fact, I..] Oh, a lot? For real?
Are there a lot?
[I don't need anyone..]
[I don't need anyone..] I'm touched, I like many...
I would be happy with one for real.
How many do you think you have?
I don't hope for too many.
[That's just you... Kwon Hoshi] - I'm good with one person. - Very well.
Is it okay if it's not the one you expected?
- Even if it's not Hoshi? - Yes, it's fine.
[GOTCHA] Mr. DK? Are you here to find the true love?
- You are so desperate. - It makes me so.
Please turn around.
[DK turning around with a thumping heart]
[I choose you]
[DK chosen by three members]
[Suddenly] - We are here for you too! - Ah, for real?
[DK chosen by five members] Yeah.
There are five, for the first time.
- I'm so touched right now. - You are the most popular one.
[Startled DK] Actually, it's all for this dance
[Young man worried about the cold weather] It's cold..
I liked that camera on the nose before..
[Ah, Nose DK] AH, the camera on the nose.
Nomera nomera
Mr. Mingyu, why did you come for him?
[Seductive] .... I missed him.
I still remember those eyes when we held each other's hands.
[Improvising] That dance was so charming to me.
Be quiet, you.
It's a poor improvisation?
I just find you attractive.
[Me] I'm so happy right now.
- Happy. - Hoshi?
For me, it was you since the beginning.
[Romance Explosion]
[Triangle Relationship]
[Since the beginning..?] It's boiling now, Jun's eyes!
Do you guys know why I went for Jun before?
It's because of you.
I wanted to come out with you!
[Nostrils of the truth]
[Sentimental] You are trying to be funny~
I'm sorry, this is not 'Comedy Big League.'
How do I reply to this?
[You can't] How do I get back to him?
It's like watching the morning drama shows.
[Time to choose] Please lower your heads.
- Mr. DK, please stand up and - Yes, it's really difficult.
You don't have to give your hand.
This time, you'll give a warm hug.
[Going to give a HUG]
[Where is DK's heart headed to..?] Ah, he's really thinking about it.
[No Denial] Please close your eyes with your heads lowered.
[Who is it?] Finally?
[Random Don't lie] Now the police?
Pick the civilian and the doctor.
[Best MC] Find the doctor that's going to treat DK.
Wow, it's the biggest crowd, the biggest.
[DK made up his mind..!]
[His choice is..!!!]
[DK chooses Hoshi]
Of course we are!
[Fast Unfriending] I like you!
Okay DK and Hoshi couple is confirmed.
[Another couple] Mingyu and Wonwoo?
Do you guys want to be one?
[Only the match with WOOZI left] There's still WOOZI.
- Whoever wants to come out for WOOZI will come out. - Yes, right.
[MC's Discretion] For now, I'll fix Mingyu and Wonwoo as a couple.
- For good? - Yes.
[Real Intention] - Why? I don't like it! - Do it until the end.
Then THE 8, Jun, Mingyu, and Wonwoo are left now.
- THE 8 is still there? - Yes.
[4 People Left] THE 8, Jun, Mingyu, Wonwoo.
Mingyu and Wonwoo are bit like a couple now.
[Provisional State] P.Couple!
- WOOZI. - Yes.
I see you are a bit excited?
I actually wanted to come out since the beginning
[WOOZI grabbed everyone's heart] I was too shy to come out, so..
Ah, you are a shy boy?
Because there are already many couples formed,
so he's saying he's afraid that he might not find his love
but you guys can leave your partner
[Destiny of the shy guy WOOZI?] and come out if you want to.
[Burning Eyes / Ouch] Right away..
- Wow.. WOOZI could be disappointed. - Well!
[Everyone Gathers]
[Prepare for selection] In a way, you have to be mentally ready WOOZI?
- WOOZI. - Yes?
[Nervous] How many do you think you have?
[Shy guy] I don't know, no one or 1 person?
[Only one cushion stayed] I hope your right.
Close your eyes and turn around after three seconds.
3 2 1
[All-Kill including the MC]
[Best record]
Th most popular guy! The most popular guy!
When did you sit down?
I can't even fold my legs, yet, I'm sitting down.
[Real Happiness]
Wow.... You have to know this effort.
I'm really honored.
Aren't you happy?
It's the hardest.
[Happy worry] - Ah, I'm so happy. - Are your really happy?
Ah.. I really live for you guys. For real.
Jun is here too?
[Sleepy but still here]
[Followed the crowd] I would look weird if I had stayed in just by myself.
He actually cared about the show.
I'm very grateful.
[Time for WOOZI's Choice] Now, WOOZI, carefully think about it
- and pick the one. - Who are not made (as a couple)?
- Sorry? - Members that are not made, made into couples.
Mingyu, Wonwoo, THE 8, Jun.
- Let's go. - Don't think about those things.
It doesn't matter whether they are couples or not.
Person you are most attracted to... oh?
[The most popular man WOOZI is attracted to?!]
Let's go.
Let's go!
[WOOZI & Mingyu Couple Confirmed] WOOZI, Mingyu
Wonwoo lost his partner again.
- Let's go, WOOZI. - Let's go.
Today, Wonwoo couple is almost confirmed?
Does Wonwoo has to sit for the last?
Wonwoo didn't go up yet right?
[Last Couple Match Wonwoo] Now, it's time for Wonwoo to sit.
I'm really curious about Wonwoo's couple,
I wonder who it'd be.
Now, the partner
will go.
I thought I could have you this way.
[Feels like a failure]
[Left alone] Hold on, I don't feel.. hold on.
[Smell of failure] - I think it's better to do it again? - Ugh, it stinks, stinks!
Okay then, let's forget that this happened.
[Viewers, please forget it as well] I'm so excited about Wonwoo's couple.
[Shy hand]
Come out!
[Unexpected Challengers]
So, people who are here,
this is something unexpected!
[Wonwoo's partner is?!]
Please turn around.
[Me too]
Is SeungKwan counted too?
Me too.
[His choice is..!] I'll..
choose SeungKwan.
[MC Couple Matched]
Is this couple finally be matched?
I can't forget our first encounter.
Wonwoo used to wake me up whenever I'm about to be late...
- I cannot forget that and I'm really grateful for.... - You guys look so good together right now.
[Man who came back] Jun got broken up after matched with a partner,
[Sad] - THE 8 is ... - I am only suffering...
Then again with the 'MY I,'
if you guys want, you guys can be a couple, is that okay with you?
[Reached nirvana] We'll go with the flow.
It's almost like a fish.
Then Jun and THE 8, the remaining members will be a couple too.
[Couple match finished]
So like this, we can say all people are in couples now.
[Depressed] Unfortunately, Wonwoo cannot do the games freely,
Then does he go home?
I would appreciate if you can season it a bit.
[Excited to season the show] Season lol
- By the way, he is the MC from the Lonely Night. - Right right.
- Lonely Night and Past Life Destiny. - It's the MCs, the MCs!
You guys know the Lonely Night?
- It had a crazy number of views. - I know.
So, the couples are matched like this!
[Joshua & Jeonghan JHHJ]
[Jun & THE 8 MY I]
[Mingyu & WOOZI You are MINGYU~ZI]
[Hoshi & DK Seoksuntok]
[Vernon & Dino Old Lunch Box] - Buddy~ - Buddy!
[SeungKwan & Wonwoo MCs]
[Boo SeungKwan's Past Life Destiny #3 Partners' Cheerful Sports Day 3-legged limbo]
Non-Fiction! Situation! Chemi variety!
Hold on!
- Do it properly without laughing once. - Like a real MC!
Kill the atmosphere!
['Boo SeungKwan's Past Life Destiny' February Edition] Boo SeungKwan is the main show of the Feb Edition!
[Greed for MC] Variety!
[Wrong with confidence] Non-fiction! Situation!
Chemi variety!
Boo SeungKwan's Past Life Destiny
where you find partners that make you think 'Weren't we in love in the past life?'
- Past Life Destiny! - It's the first corner
to find the chemistry of your past life.
Partners' Cheerful Sports Day
Three-legged limbo!
It's very simple.
You just need to pass the limbo in three legs.
Good good!
[MCs Demonstration] - Wonwoo and I - Demo, demo.
- Yes, the demonstration... - It's really white today, it's very good.
You just need to walk like this and pass it, like this.
Ah, it's simple.
[Surprising?] - Oh, I did it? - We did it!
- But the harmony of our feet must be very important. - Yes.
Though we just passed it, our feet harmony wasn't that good
but you just have to pass through it.
But that could be a dangerous statement
[Sharp look] You just have to pass through it.
[Most suspicious man] Then whatever way it may be
[Killing question] By any chance.... can we pass over it?
Eh... you still have to follow the basic rules of the limbo game.
You cannot bow your head or something,
in more precise term, you have to 'look at the bar' as you pass it.
[Look at the bar / Look at the bar 22] Look at the bar as I pass it.
I saw something strange before.
When people play limbo in general,
- they tilt their backs backward like this, right? - Yes.
- Then Jun doesn't tilt his back but he tilts his ankles. - Ankles!
No, but tilts the ankles?
Can we see the demonstration just for fun?
[As if it's nothing special] When your back hurts from time to time while you are living.
- Master... is this a master time? - When your back hurts, you can have your ankle hurt instead like this.
Like this, you can make your ankle hurt instead of your back.
Yes, good.
But this one wouldn't work in a couple,
He can't use all of that when he does this with a partner.
[Flow of conscious] Jun's shoes are pretty today.
Anyways, Jun's ankles are tilted like this
so let's give him some compliments.
- Good good good boy! - Among this, Dino somewhat looks like a sausage today.
I prepared it as a strong man today.
Okay, thank you.
First couple.
Mingyu & WOOZI 'You are Mingyuzi~~'
You are Mingyu~Woozi!
You guys look so good together.
[Signature song] You are Mingyuzi~!
[Team Name MARK1] Our couple name is Ggyuu, Ggyuu?
Ah, it's Ggyuu?
[Attention] What is Mingyuzi~ then?
[Team Name MARK 2] It's just Mingyu Woozi.
You are Mingyuzi!
[Wins] I like it?
Okay, we'll go with starting height of 135cm.
In fact, we didn't know what we would be playing when we were picking our partners.
[Finished by a sentence]
So I looked while they were setting this up
and I said, 'Uh? What is this?' and they said 'It's a limbo.'
Ah.. I chose the wrong person.
[Sad] Why are you saying those things again?
[No one asked] Mingyu's good, he's flexible.
[Confused ego]
[Personality -1] Do you have a split personality?
Ah, I'm sorry.
I sometimes don't know who I am.
[Limbo START] - Okay, let's go. - Mingyu always makes me confused.
I never did.
Forward forward, put your foot forward.
- You do put the foot first? - It's difficult if you put your feet too deep from the start.
Go first! Go first! Go first! - Ah is he going first?
[Willing] Is this allowed?
- It's a strategy. Strategy. - It's okay for the next team to help as well.
- It's awesome. - Hold my hand, hold my hand.
Let's go! Let's go!
[Fantastic Team Play]
Mingyu~WOOZI Pass!
- We could do that? - There teamwork is really good.
Three-legged could be difficult but also could help each other like this.
[Exaggerating] If we can hold each other like that, I could go as low as 50cm.
[Okay] - Ugh, not 50cm... - Then, next!
Jeonghan, Joshua~
Our team name is JHHJ.
[Sneezes] So JHHJ
[Third Verse]
[JHHJ is up] - Oh, do we start right away? - We'll begin, with one foot in.
- You can't take your foot back once you put it. - Put one side and start!
But why can't we pull it back though?
[JHHJ Passed]
[JHHJ Passed]
[Perfect MC] JH......JHHJ Passed!
Can we go next?
Next couple, please enter by shouting out your team name.
Seoksuntok, Sunseoktok, Everybody talk, CARAT talk, Baby tok, tok, tok.
knock at my door, tok!
[Teamwork coming out from their experience]
- We're different to the other teams. - We can see that you have a lot of experiences.
It's been 5 years.
[Satba style] We've tied up on our thighs instead of our ankles.
[Everyone else tied up their ankles] - Tied up your thighs? - Yes.
Because if we tie up our ankles, it gets too narrow.
But if we tie up our thighs, we have more space~
You can do whatever you want, just try it.
[Seoksuntok Go] - Ready, start! - Wait, I need to put my arm like,
- Shall we just go? - Go and
[Angel's hand] just go like this.
[Seoksuntok passed]
-Team Knock At My Door passed! -Baby tok, tok, tok, knock at my door, tok!
Didn't you notice someone pulling you from behind?
[Indomitable guy DK] I did, but we didn't fall down.
Next team, next couple.
Next is
[MY I go]
[He's not sleeping]
[Or is he?] Okay.
Ready, start!
Let's just go.
[A limbo professional] They both have the experiences of martial arts in China.
They're flexible! Light!
That was so cool! It felt like seeing Idol Athletic Championship.
They're like an egg and a sausage.
[Naming king] - We're... - Old lunch box.
Yes, old lunch box.
[The story of team naming] Go with old lunch box.
That's good.
[Old Lunch Box Go] Start!
Old lunch box...
We're missing kimchi.
[Old Lunch Box passed] - Dino is really flexible. - That was nothing...
- That was too easy, wasn't it? - That was too easy, so let's go down by 15cm.
[135cm ▷ 120cm] Let's go down to 120cm.
[Numeracy King] That's 15cm lower?
Yes, at once.
That was too easy for everyone, so for a quick progress,
[Mingyu~WOOZI Go] Ready, start! Mingyu~WOOZI!
This is quite hard.
Can you hold him down?
Are you done?
[They must have been a couple in their past life] - I'm going. - Go!
Holding hands...
- Let's go! - That's amazing.
[Mingyu~WOOZI passed] - That's good. - We'll try that as well.
They're smart!
Everyone can do this.
- I think everyone's going to success. - Can you copy another team?
[Why not?] Of course!
- Oh, you can copy another team? - They're better than expected.
- We won't do the same as others. - Okay!
[They're not standard already] - We'll go the standard way. - Yeah, we'll just...
Go with the standard way...
- We'll go the standard way. - Yeah, we'll just...
Go the standard way...
He fell down.
[Seoksuntok, fail] DK, Hoshi, Seoksuntok failed.
[Final goodbye] Seoksuntok, Sunseoktok, Everybody talk, CARAT talk, Baby tok, tok, tok. Knock at my door, tok!
[MY I Go] Now THE 8 and Jun will go.
Shall we just go together?
[MY I passed]
[Already doing it] How do you do this?
Now, Vernon and Dino. Old Lunch Box will try.
Dino is really flexible.
Dino is really flexible.
[Old Lunch Box passed] Wow Dino was doing a lunge!
You need a lot of strength in your legs to lunge.
Dino is really good at that.
Should we lower 5cm now? Or 10cm?
Second round, only Hoshi failed,
and because Hoshi failed, we'll go down by 15cm..
[Puzzled] - No no, 10, to 110... - No, I'll lower 5cm more and go with 115cm.
[Hey, MC] Isn't that 10cm down?
We should pick another MC!
[120cm ▷ 110cm] Let's go!
[Mingyu~WOOZI go] Let's go with the feet first.
Would they help each other again? Huh?
- He hit the stick! - No no no no.
But he didn't fall, he didn't fall.
(Almost) Passed!
Hold me!
- I'm going! - Let's go!
Will they succeed!
It's like they're climbing up the Himalayas.
Let's go! Let's go!
[Mingyu~WOOZI passed]
Good, we can do this.
[No prize] Everyone, you don't have to be good at this, there isn't any prize.
But this is fun. I think I'm good.
We just want to win.
[JHJH Go] Jeonghan and Joshua will start.
[Dipsy / Tinky Winky] They look like teletubbies.
Are they allowed to do that?
[Trying his best] Are they allowed to do that?
[JHJH passed] - That was close but they succeed. - That was really hard!
Now, MY I's turn.
Isn't that a W?
- Oh my God! - It's an M.
- How can the feet go like that... - They're doing the M-method!
- You can just go. - Can you do it? Can you do it?
[Holding his neck] You should hold him!
[MY I passed] He held his neck at the end.
He was like, "Get up!"
[Old lunch box's turn]
[Commentating] - Our members are doing better than expected. - One, two, three! Okay!
I think they will fail.
[Younger one first] - Me first? No, you should go first. - I should go first?
Wow, his lunge is the best!
[Commentary booth] He is really flexible.
Okay, don't push me! Don't push me! Don't push me!
[Unprecedented commentating] Now, only the egg to go!
[Pat] - Only the egg to go! - Don't push.
[Old lunch box failed]
-Ah, the old lunch box, that was good. -It's okay, it's okay.
[Deadly serious]
How do you do that?
Hey, Dino! That lunge,
your lunge is really
- no one can copy you. How do you do that? - Just...
He has really strong thighs.
Not everyone can do this.
[Exit] - The ones who can do have the privilege. - Yes, it's a privilege, it's quite hard.
[110cm ▷ 100cm] Now, we're going 10 more down to 100cm.
Mingyu, are you confident to lunge?
I'm not really sure about that.
Mingyu~WOOZI start!
- Put the feet in more. - Let's go.
More, more.
- Careful with your back. - I'll hold you.
[The dignity of a dancer] Don't risk your life, we're...we're dancers.
You just pass through it.
You can hold him! You can hold him!
You can hold him!
- I am going. - Just hold him wherever.
Let's go!
Lunge lunge lunge.
[Exactly half of the body]
- What if his back foot slips out while lunging? - This is not a limbo, it's lunge.
Just tuck your legs behind!
I am going to lie down.
- Okay lie down! - I'm going to lie down.
[Gives up]
Mingyu~WOOZI failed!
Wait, what's good about winning this?
Is there some kind of a prize?
[Late realization] - How can you realize that now? - What is it?
I told you at the beginning.
Doing good at this will not have any benefits.
[You will receive honor when you win] I have been saying not to bet your life on it since earlier,
Then it's good that we lost fast.
It's like you were a couple in your past life.
[Recognized as a couple in the past life if they win] They cannot have this chemistry if they were not a couple in past life.
This must be like an actual last game? For real.
[JHHJ's turn] Wait wait.
[A new strategy]
Lie down, lie down, lie down!
[His occupation, dancer and singer]
Hey really...
He is making a last-ditch attempt.
[Haha?] - Do you really want to win? - You making a last-ditch attempt to win?
Joshua LOL
[Agh] I have not seen this facial expression from Joshua even when he was practicing dancing.
Why is he so passionate..
This is not working.
[JHHJ failed] Jeonghan and Joshua failed.
You have to look at Jun's expression
that he finds this easy.
[Expression that this is easy] - He is very serious! He is very serious! - Wow that is really amazing!
Go! Go! Go!
[The height is easy for him]
[This is easy]
[They will win if THE 8 can pass!]
He is a hero! He is a hero!
Isnt't he a scorpion?
[Everyone quiet]
It is so funny that he is so good.
You can do it!
You can do it!
You can do it!
Hey don't make me laugh!
Give it your best!
[Full of competitiveness] After they fail, let's move 5cm up and have a rematch.
You have to hold him, you have to hold him now.
- You have to pass through it now. - Jun is holding him.
That was so close!!
Look at them be happy about it!
Wait, can we try one more time exactly like this?
[Doing a rematch] Oh, you are really good.
[Careful planning TIME] You should just be completely be behind me
You have to support me completely from behind.
Oh, it is so interesting to watch from the side here
But can their knees touch like that?
[Heroic] - We can do it! - We will just try.
No matter what happens.
Look at Joshua's expression from behind.
Jeonghan got very better
after he returned.
- Wait wait! - No wait.
- What if they succeed? - You have to take your hands off.
You have to take your hands off, you have to take your hands off now.
You have to take your hands off, you have to hold it.
Didn't we pass?
Didn't we pass?
[Does anyone know why he is doing this]
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Oh, it felt like I could do it..
[Returning to the main game] Okay stop! Wait!
[Nope] Okay let's stop!
[Actual winner] Okay you should stop!
- Stop! - Hey wait.
JHHJ won this game
No, didn't we win?
- We did it one more time. - You guys lost, no?
It is a bit vague so why don't they settle it with rock, paper, scissors?
[Rock, paper, scissors is the best at conclusions] - Okay let's play rock, paper, scissors. - Why don't we say we both won?
Let's say both teams won.
In this game, team MY I and team JHHJ
both won.
Can you shorten your name?
Nope, we made it difficult on purpose.
Are we moving onto the next game?
Okay to the next game, go go go~
Can you do this by lunging?
I will try to do it by lunging.
By lunging!
A side game, lunge!
To do this by lunging, your upper body has to be smaller than this.
Your upper body has to be smaller than this!
Hey I think you can do it.
By lunging! By lunging!
He is weightlifting in the middle of the game.
Wait no, that is not it.
Just try confidently! Confidently!
Oh is it going to end like this?
Yes, so this game has
Stop! Stop!
It has been a great time in which we could check the chemistry between the members.
And it was such a good time we could see the passion of the members again.
Thank you.
Oh we were full of passion.
I am tired.


【Going SEVENTEEN】 EP.6 ([GOING SEVENTEEN 2020] EP.6 #2 (SeungKwan Boo's Past Life Destiny #2))

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