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I really like saying "Pokkari Sweat".
I think mine is "Obaachan" (grandma).
Okonomiyaki (Japanese omelette dish).
Hey guys this is Cathy Cat. What is your very favourite Japanese word?
That's a question we are gonna ask a couple of foreigners
who are in Japan right now so let's go and find out.
- Do you have a favorite Japanese word? - I like "Arigatou".
- Arigatou. It's fun to say. - And it means someone has helped you.
It's good. I like it.
The way that people say it, it's very musical.
It's like "Arigatou".
It's nice.
Thank you!
I got many. "Kawaii" (cute).
Kawaii desu. (That's cute).
I love the word "Katana" (sword). It sounds strong.
- Not "Itadakimasu" (Let's eat)?! - No, my favourite is "Kawaii".
So I am gonna ask you now your favourite Japanese word.
Same thing. Kawaii.
Kampai (Cheers)!
Okonomiyaki (Japanese omelette dish).
Sento (bath house).
The only thing that comes in mind in "Tamago" (egg).
That's because I love having eggs in my ramen.
I would say Kendo. I am kind of a martial arts fan so ... Kendo.
- "Baka" is my favourite Japanese word. - Why?!
I don't know it sounds so funny and you can use it any time.
Japanese people use it often too.
"Irashaimase" (welcome call for customers).
I love that one. I don't know why. Every time you go inside a store
"Irashaimase". Every time. I love it.
I like "Gomen nasai" (I am sorry). I like the way it sounds.
It sounds really cool. It means "I am sorry" but I like how it sounds.
I think mine is "Obachan" (Grandma).
I think it sounds really sweet.
Mine is "Okaeri Nasai" (welcome home) because
every time when you come home they say this.
I think it's a family thing and I think it's very sweet.
I really like saying "Pokkari Sweat".
That's just the name of a drink isn't it?! It doesn't mean anything else?!
My favourite English word is antidisestablishmentarianism
because it's the longest word in the English language.
- What do I usually say? - The things I hear you say
is either "Tabetai" (I want to eat) or "Onaka suita" (I am hungry)...
Food related. Everything is food related with me.
Cool thank you very much. That was pretty fun.
Looks like "Kawaii" was the word that most people liked.
but then most of the other stuff was kind of food related
which tells a lot about yourself.
How about you? What is your favourite Japanese word?
Mine was "Yume" which means dream. How about you?
Leave us a comment. Looking forward to reading it.
Also in the top right of the screen we have more videos asking foreigners
here in Japan about their opinions. So check it out.
Always thank you very much for watching and catch you soon.


好きな日本語は何ですか? 外国人に聞いてみました! (FAVOURITE JAPANESE WORD! Asking Foreigners in Japan about their Japanese language love)

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