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  • Taiwan bans 'unsafe' Zoom app

  • Hi guys, welcome back on my channel.

  • I'm Charlotte and in today's video, I want to do something different

  • I told you before that I love to follow the Taiwanese news,

  • because I'm very curious about what's going on there

  • I think it's very interesting to see how Taiwan is portrayed in the European news

  • and what news gets through to Europe.

  • I speak a few languages. I speak Dutch, French and English.

  • That allows me to check some news sources from different countries

  • and I would love to discuss with you what I find in the news!

  • The article I found, was one in the Belgian newspaper HLN

  • The title was: Taiwan bans 'unsafe' Zoom app.

  • Zoom is some kind of app that allows you to make conference calls

  • and invite many people in the same group chat or video chat.

  • The reason Taiwan bans Zoom, was that experts have claimed that there are some holes in Zoom's security

  • That would allow hackers to listen in on conversations and take over computers from people participating

  • That's a very big deal, but something that makes this even worse for Taiwan,

  • is that they found out that the servers of this app are based in China.

  • Thinking that people could possibly listen in into important conversations and that the servers are located in China,

  • makes this a very high security risk for Taiwan, and that's the reason why they decided to ban it.

  • I also read that the department of education in New York and Elon Musk's space company SpaceX

  • They also banned the communication app in the past,

  • so that seems like an indication that they think it is not a safe app to use.

  • If you think about itIt is very scary,

  • because big companies or governmental organizations communicate completely over the internet these days

  • If you have security holes in an important app like that, that serves for communication,

  • and hackers can access all of this very sensitive information, that could definitely be a big issue.

  • The reason why I think this news about Taiwan and Zoom made the Belgian news,

  • is because Zoom also has some users in Belgium.

  • I was very curious, so I asked around to my family and people I know,

  • and I have found some people who are using Zoom.

  • I guess it's a very important article to make people aware that you should be very careful with which app you use,

  • whenever you share some sensitive information.

  • That was what I heard in this little article about Taiwan and Zoom.

  • I hope you found it interesting and I would love to have more details, because the article was quite short

  • What do they mean withbanned”?

  • Did Taiwan really block the app from working in Taiwan?

  • Or did the government just tell its citizens: “You better not use it”?

  • I would love to know more about that. I would also love to hear your opinion on the matter

  • Feel free to leave a comment down below.

  • If I make another futurenews videolike this about Taiwan in the international news,

  • I will make sure to share a few of your comments of this video in the next one.

  • Let me know if you like this, don't forget to presslikeand subscribe

  • and see you very soon in the next video. Bye ~

  • Love you guys

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Taiwan bans 'unsafe' Zoom app


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台湾グローバル:Zoomアプリを禁止 (Taiwan Global: banning Zoom app )

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