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  • Hey, uh, welcome to Japan I guess!


  • I caught a cold.


  • So today is Friday, and I'm going to the Tsuruoka Tenjin festival that starts at 2:30 p.m.

    今日は金曜日で、午後 2 時 30 分に始まる鶴岡の天神祭りに行こうと思うんだけど

  • But now it's 11 a.m., so first, let's go to a convenience store.

    今はまだ朝の 11 時なので、初めにコンビニに行きます。

  • Okay, so I don't know why, but throughout this whole video I've been calling them "convenient stores" instead of convenience stores.

    何故僕はこの動画でコンビニのことを「convenient stores」と呼んだか…

  • So... sorry for my bad pronunciation, but I guess you'll hear that a couple times this video... okay, back to the video!


  • "Nearest convenience store."


  • So, the nearest one is about three minutes from here.

    一番近いのはここから約 3 分歩いたところだね。

  • (Japanese) Good morning.


  • So here we are in the "konbini," where you can basically buy anything you need.

    コンビニに到着! 基本的に必要なものは何でも買えるお店で。

  • There are like thousands of them here in Japan.


  • This seems tasty. (Japanese) Thank you.


  • So I bought myself some food.


  • Okay, so I bought myself a chocolate drink or something.


  • カカオ (cocoa) 70 percent "Gaba au lait chocolate"

    カカオ 70 % ギャバオーレチョコレート?

  • I don't know, let's give it a try.

    よく分からないけど飲んでみよう !

  • Hey, that's pretty good!


  • And then I bought myself these, these bad boys.


  • It's a good way how to start your day.


  • First Things I Noticed in Japan!

  • Alright, so before I go to the festival, I want to talk about the first things I noticed here in Japan.


  • By that I mean the first few differences the first things that surprised me here in Japan.


  • The first, and I guess commonly known thing about Japan, is that there are convenience stores like Family Mart, 7-eleven, Lawson. And vending machines everywhere okay?

    日本のコンビニはよく知られていると思うけどたくさん種類があって… ファミリーマート、セブンイレブン、ローソンなどなど…そして、自動販売機がどこにでもある、ほんとに自動販売機とコンビニはどこにでもある!

  • Vending machines and convenience stores everywhere, which is probably one of my favorite things in Japan that you can buy foods and drinks and stuff that you suddenly need, even at 3 a.m. in the night.

    どこにでもある!これはぼくの日本の大好きなことで、今すぐ買いたいときや夜中の時でさえも食べ物や飲み物、必要なものが買えるんだ。夜中の 3 時でも…

  • It just makes me feel safe to know that if you were starving in the middle of the night, there's always the convenience store around the corner that you could go to and.. buy yourself whatever you need, whatever you want


  • It's a very nice... very nice thing... very, very nice.

    これは本当に素晴らしい、ホントに、ホンットに素晴らしい! ホントに(笑)

  • Very nice!


  • The second thing that I noticed is that there are trash cans nowhere to be found.

    2 つ目に気づいたことは、外にごみ箱が無い。

  • Just imagine that you're walking down the street and you've just finished this whole bottle of tea and there's nowhere you could throw it away because first of all, there's probably no garbage bin, and second of all it would be unacceptable for you to just throw it on the street.


  • Which leads me to my next point, my third point: Japan is so clean, like even though there are no trash cans.


  • It's so clean. The streets are clean.


  • I mean the only trash cans that I was ever able to find were those in front of the convenience stores that I was talking about before.


  • The fourth thing that I noticed here in Japan is that cars, okay? Cars look different than in Europe


  • Okay mind blow, I know. I mean, I guess it makes sense, but it still kind of surprised me anyway.


  • Especially this one type or shape of a car that literally looks like a metal box, seems to be very popular here in Japan.

    特にこの形をした種類の車は文字通り、金属の箱のようなこの車種の車は日本ではとても人気みたいだ (笑)

  • Also people in Japan drive on the left side of the road, which is also something that took me a while to get accustomed to.


  • And the last thing that I wanted to address is something that I forgot about when I was packing my stuff to Japan.


  • Before you go to Japan, check what plugs does your country use.


  • For example, Czech Republic uses two types C and E. But Japan uses the type A.

    例えば、チェコでは C と E タイプを使っているけど日本では A タイプを使っている。

  • I think yeah, this is the type A.

    これが A タイプのプラグ。

  • Which is also something that kind of delayed the vlog, not gonna lie. It took me a while to find the right adapters.


  • And yeah, those are the first few things that I noticed when I came here to Japan!


  • I should be going to the festival right now, so see you there in my next video. Bye!!


Hey, uh, welcome to Japan I guess!


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