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  • Hey, I'm Jessie Tyler Ferguson and my show, Modern Family Areas.

  • It's Siri's finale on April 8th, and our fans love to speculate about possible spin off series.

  • So I'm going to give my thoughts on a handful of their ideas.

  • Mitch and Cam's life in Missouri spending time with cans family and trying to fit in a small time lawyer actually think that's actually a really good idea.

  • It's sort of be like, you know, like gay acres.

  • Or like um, you know, uh, um, Modern farm Lee just spitball little bit Manny returning to live in Colombia with Gloria's family chasing after love and his dream of being a filmmaker.

  • I know Sofia has always been wanting to get us to go to Columbia.

  • I've been on my own, and I always would love to go with her, So I think I'd be a really great ideas.

  • Well, I want to write myself into that Siri's because Colombia's beautiful Hayley's life with Dylan raising their twins and working at nope, office in Paris.

  • That's also a great idea.

  • We just weren't parachuting in episode of our show, and, um, so I think we have enough.

  • We have some connections like hotels and like good restaurants.

  • I feel like that might be a good place to shoot Siri's and Sarah seems like it does.

  • I'm sure she'd be up for it.

  • Mitch and Claire's lives as teenagers, with Mitch dating girls and Claire dating a string of bad boys.

  • I think I might be traumatic for me to go through, because it was a lot like my real life.

  • The lives of Mitch and Cam, entertaining groups of friends including Pepper, Renaldo and Launch Nous, all raising families of their own.

  • I love this because that means I would be able to spend a lot of time to Nathan Lane, who is when my heroes and these life selling real estate and trying to find love again in Utah.

  • Um, Adam is one of the busiest people working, so I don't know if he's available to come and play Andy right now.

  • He's always doing something we barely get him on our show.

  • The continuing story of David Beckham and Courtney Cox's characters from Season 11 Did they ever make it to their bowling tournament?

  • I think that's more of a short than a Siri's.

  • That's probably like a seven minute short.

  • But I'd be up for bursting with that what that is and how that turned out.

  • So that's it.

  • He's all great ideas.

  • I think we should try.

  • Make all of them.

  • Tune in.

  • ABC, Wednesdays at nine.

Hey, I'm Jessie Tyler Ferguson and my show, Modern Family Areas.


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