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  • live and local number one news days.

  • This is expected to be the worst week forgets in the US since the pandemic began.

  • Nurses at a Detroit hospital say they need more help to treat Kogan 19 patients.

  • Detroit, Michigan The city's synonymous with speed, the birthplace of the motor industry.

  • Today, not a single car or person in sight has Cove in 19 intensifies its grip.

  • Motor City has the third highest number of infections in the U.

  • S.

  • And is still weeks away from its peak.

  • We're nowhere near the end of Colvin, 19 in the state of Michigan.

  • We know that we're in for a tough 3456 weeks here in front of us.

  • There are now more than 17,000 cases in Michigan and by far the hardest hit cities, Detroit, accounting for nearly half of the states.

  • More than 700 deaths, among them members of Bieber Adams's family.

  • On March, the 26 she rushed her mom into hospital with breathing difficulties.

  • Hours later, her grandmother, too, and on the same day her aunt, who contracted co bid 19 but was at home, died being were from such a close knit family and for this happened.

  • So, you know, the three of the matriarchal members of my family has been, um, just the devastating.

  • It is so shocking.

  • There are really kicking it deeply, grieve like so many others.

  • Beba isn't allowed to visit her loved ones in hospital, but has been calling morning and night for updates on.

  • And how are they, my grandmother dear?

  • Pass away, she deviously I'm so sorry to hear that.

  • I didn't realize that.

  • So, um, she did pass away yesterday.

  • I'm really very big.

  • My mom's doing pretty Okay, Um, she's still in a little later.

  • It's she's not pretty much the same for about three day and predict that's a good sign.

  • Phoebe says she's angry that weeks were wasted when families like hers should have been isolating.

  • But President Trump downplayed the crisis.

  • Absolutely.

  • I'm very angry.

  • I feel that this president and this administration is directly responsible for my family and so so so far, you know, 10,000 people in America.

  • And then there's this grim reality emerging that African Americans have been hit hardest by the virus.

  • Despite accounting for 14% of Michigan's population, they represent 41% of its cove, it victims.

  • And in Detroit, with a majority black population more than 1/3 of them poor, it's even more stock.

  • African Americans are less likely to be in positions where they could work home.

  • Unfortunately, anything in this country is gonna the disk a Porsche innately a bit the low income and, unfortunately, the low income urban centers happens to be populated by black and brown people.

  • To cope with the expected peak, they're converting this convention center into a makeshift hospital.

  • And here, Justus everywhere it's the medics on the front line bearing the brunt.

  • Our nurses are dropping like flies.

  • I have so many friends who are unfortunately, and it's very earth scary.

  • Tanisha Bark.

  • I was a nurse at one of Detroit's biggest hospitals, but was fired after she expressed worries about treating covert patients.

  • Posted pictures of herself in protective gear on social media.

  • I had non co been cold impatient, so I felt that I was at risk alone, you know, myself, but also at risk of going into Don Cobain patient's room and exposing them, possibly to the virus, the hospital Sinai Grace said.

  • It didn't comment on personnel, but added that the ever increasing number of patients was putting a strain on its resources and staff.

  • It feels unnatural to not be in motion for the city built on four wheels to stand still.

  • For now, as this public service ad says, the city built on four wheels is standing still.

  • So take this isolation as a sign of our togetherness, bracing itself for the worst to come.

live and local number one news days.


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多くの黒人はコロナウイルスのリスクでより多くのアメリカ人、米国の外科医の将軍は言う (Many black Americans more at risk of coronavirus, says US Surgeon General)

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