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  • here it is the atom for a new from the ground up design that looks completely and utterly exactly the same as before.

  • It's identical, but genuinely.

  • This is an alloy new car, the only bits carried over from the old atom brake pedal, clutch pedal, fuel filler cap.

  • That's your lot.

  • Everything else shining, you apparently get behind the wheel and you'll quickly discover the changes are significant.

  • It has to be said.

  • At first glance, they're also worried.

  • They call this the most usable atom yet.

  • There's more room for your elbows for your legs.

  • Be a freak, supple.

  • You can even doll the engine down for more relaxed driving like riding, and you want to do relax driving.

  • You don't buy a car without a windscreen door.

  • In fact, anybody work whatsoever if you want travel.

  • There is one important change, though that's far more Welcome.

  • Behind me is a new engine taken from the Honda Civic type R hatchback, which, when you wind the doll but where it should be, make 320 horsepower, in which, when you put your foot down, help seven seconds leave you get straight.

  • You know what I guess the heart going triple espresso with a defibrillator.

  • Jason have ever struggled to get the ticker ticking.

  • What they have sometimes struggle with is the whole going around corners there, this one.

  • No, we want the front wheels are living now.

  • I see this suspension off that's proud of its components, a lover and when you've had enough of nimbly carving up corners, happily played a delinquent.

  • Oh, your experience, everything froth.

  • Wait.

  • Extreme new Atom then really is an incredible thing to drive.

  • But what's less clear is if it's something you'd actually want to own.

  • Brilliant though it is, this is a call.

  • It does say something about its driver, specifically crippling midlife crisis, and just below that, he was too scared to buy it.

  • And then there's the price of the atom starts at around 40 grand, which doesn't seem like an awful lot of money for a I'm hungry with a whole range of mine, you know, for months.

  • But look at it another way.

  • This is a car that will annihilate any supercar on the right road.

  • Just in truth, it's a bit of a bargain, but it's also more than that.

  • Eights life, honestly if the state of the world ever getting you down.

  • Forget meditation.

  • Forget digital detox.

  • Quick spending.

  • One of these will sort you right out.

here it is the atom for a new from the ground up design that looks completely and utterly exactly the same as before.


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EXTENDED:クリス・ハリス対アリエル・アトム4|トップギア。シリーズ28 (EXTENDED: Chris Harris vs the Ariel Atom 4 | Top Gear: Series 28)

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