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  • 429,000 people die from malaria every year.

  • But what if your sandals or your furniture could help change that?

  • This is Frederick Takuma.

  • He's a researcher of rural Tanzania, and he hates malaria as we speak with my last malaria.

  • You know, as we speak right now, if you have money, you call on Gordon.

  • Say technique.

  • Today you want to die.

  • Fredericks and his team of researchers want to end malaria with the help of a chair.

  • But why?

  • A chair in regions like this pitting bug spray on every day is impractical and expensive, and it's unlikely you'll use a mosquito net when you go to work.

  • Frederick's solution.

  • Put repellent on objects that people can't live without.

  • This'll show secret weapon, a super absorbent fabric dipped in a very strong repellent that lasts for six months.

  • It's different than the standard repellents because it is a wide area repellent.

  • So if you're wearing Deeks, it will protect you for sure.

  • But I want to protect him.

  • It will protect the guy next to you.

  • It is very short range way have started using rash that protect people in the long range propellant is so strong that it needs to be put under the chair because direct daily contact wouldn't be good for you.

  • They're fine tuning it here, working out details like how strong the repellent needs to be.

  • Assuming two years down the line, we're successful.

  • What is going to happiness that you have round the clock protection?

  • And if the team achieves that, then the sky's the limit.

429,000 people die from malaria every year.


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椅子はマラリアを終わらせることができるか? (Could A Chair End Malaria?)

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