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  • Hi, I'm Anita and I'm hit, though, and it's tip Tuesday on Show Me the curry dot com.

  • The today's tip is how to get stains and yet Penis off of your cutting words.

  • And this was given to us by Neto on uh, here's a piece of life are lemon and what we're gonna do is go rabbit always have chopping boards that kind of get stained and don't look really pretty anymore.

  • But you know, there's still good in you wanted to use them, and I just sort of the way.

  • So thank God it's not only just remove stains, but it also disinfect for So while you're rubbing it, you can also squeeze some of the juice out so it kind of gets into all the crevices, and then once the lime juice is on there, we have some kosher salt.

  • Now, regular salt will work also, but kosher salt is a little green year, so it tends to work a little bit better.

  • So just sprinkled a little bit that, but that on here now, what you gonna does it, take you to the sink and use a sponge on scrub it.

  • So let's go So we did our part of scrubbing it looks likely no leases.

  • Not that embarrassing.

  • You take out your chopping board in front of people.

  • It's still a little bit of there's not like White has new course, most importantly it it disinfected the holding and, you know, order of the vegetables and the fruits of being cut on that, too, especially onions.

  • You know, if you chop onions other, it's like kind of tends to linger.

  • The smell of onions lingers, but here it's like a citrusy fresh.

  • This particular is great for people who don't have dishwashers and you have to wash my hands and doing things that we wanted a while really ensures that it's disinfected well, and, you know, you chopping board does not have any contaminations on it.

  • So thanks so much need for sharing this tip with us.

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  • First of all, and second of all, you'll be the first to know every time we post a new recipe and you have a tip out there that would like to share with us and of yours.

  • Please email it that it's actually the curry dot com.

  • Show me the card dot com and join us again on another Tuesday for another tip on.

  • Show me the radio.

Hi, I'm Anita and I'm hit, though, and it's tip Tuesday on Show Me the curry dot com.


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