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  • I've been working out.

  • So this is going very hard.

  • I've just eaten.

  • But I'll try my hardest right today.

  • All the time.

  • Hey, coffee calls or texts?

  • Texts.

  • I'm gonna have to say fingers because apart my family Now fans Man United hopes a month.

  • Six months.

  • Scarlet lipstick.

  • Definitely.

  • Mascara booth tonic.

  • A tourniquet Because you can stop a catastrophic bleed.

  • Broken bones, broken hearts.

  • That's a broken bone because it meant nights out One night in definitely night in Elvis cuts James because of his issues with Beach Beach on your friends, it's fine or delay.

  • Italy.

  • Go your way, sweets.

  • I'm out.

  • D'oh!

  • God was really hard.

I've been working out.


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