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  • uh, four words.

  • Unpredictable chaos sake.

  • Uh, passionate.

  • Make sure you stay young on DDE.

  • Enjoy the ride, Tim.

  • Tim Shaw Eating companion.

  • He's got to be jammy Dodgers.

  • It's got to be Jodie Whittaker because she is so lovely.

  • Bill Self spot for, uh, it's a bit of both.

  • Go home tissue compression eliminator.

  • Don't tell you.

  • Probably meeting Bradley Walsh.

  • I think I'm not sure if he was in his boxer shorts or topless with quite severe racket up Joey.

  • Loop it to Michelle Obama on Dhe Mark Ruffalo, the mustard's version of Gallifrey.

uh, four words.


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