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  • Certainly this is Alex.

  • You know what?

  • I deeply believe that gun shooting is Nothing tickled it stuck.

  • So I'm gonna prove it to you one more time with this amazing dessert, Theo Lemon meringue pie.

  • Or as we call it in France to sit home, Miller.

  • Yeah, I know.

  • It looks quite posh.

  • And seriously, I'm not gonna lie.

  • It is definitely It doesn't mean that's hard to say.

  • What it is very easy and only takes is 45 minutes of your life.

  • That's not so much considering how much you can show off with this pie.

  • You will.

  • I did Everyone I know did it.

  • It's long, but it feels good.

  • Yes.

  • Let's do it first.

  • Dude, it's the easiest spot.

  • This is my everyday fade proof crumbly dough recipe.

  • I just added a bit of sugar to make it sweeter in a bowl.

  • Go to kept flower half a cup.

  • Something better.

  • One egg, a tiny pinch of salt, big pinch of sugar.

  • Gently mix that with the tip of your fingers.

  • At one point, it should look like bread crumbs, then at a few drizzles of milk to combine things together flat in love with a rolling pin and press it down in a pie dish.

  • If it breaks about, it's no big deal, just you.

  • The piece is like a puzzle.

  • We're gonna cook this crest blind blend.

  • It just means that we are cooking it first without any feelings inside.

  • Well, I know some people put rights or beans in the cross to prevent it from rising.

  • What?

  • This is not a pastry, so it won't write so much.

  • And if it does, put your hands on top and you press it.

  • Don't this'd preheated oven 20 centuries off 360 for a night from about 20 minutes, which gives us plenty time to make the lemon curd in a bowl at the zest of two lemons at the juice is off.

  • Three lemons white sugar, one tablespoon Going stops at three eggs and mix that up with a whisk in a saucepan so whisk that up in a way, never mind.

  • Don't stop whisking.

  • Otherwise, it might end up making sweet scramble legs.

  • When it thickens nicely at four tablespoons off cold, better remove from the heat.

  • Whisk again.

  • This should be glassy and smooth.

  • Get the crest out of heaven and pour in the lemon tree.

  • Let it set in the fridge to chill as you.

  • So we're kind of whisking all the time in this recipe.

  • I know it's a pain but still is gonna get worse because we have to make the Miranda.

  • So if you have a kitchen, robot or food processor kind of stuff, I suggest you to use it and also to stop teasing me because I have something way cooler than that.

  • A new old broken whisk.

  • You better not leave.

  • Otherwise you won't get the chance to see that it fits perfectly in my 2000.

  • What our drill.

  • Place for egg white and only the white into a very clean bowl.

  • A good squeeze of lemon, a tiny pinch of salt and whisk them slowly to combine the elements first, then gradually increase the speed while sprinkling one cup of sugar very slowly.

  • We are aiming a very firm and glossy finish.

  • You know it's ready when you get film picks or as we call it in French about this big.

  • Get the buy out of the fridge and then spread the Miranda to be booth in the oven at 1 46 years or 2 83rd night for at least 30 minutes.

  • And this is what you get at the end.

  • A crumbly and buried oh field with a creamy and lemony and dingy custard topped with crispy and gooey Miranda.

  • I think it's just great.

  • Then you know what if they even better if you share it with your friends and you're so guys, this is it.

  • Did I not told you that French pastry is easy?

  • You know, I really hope you enjoyed this recipe.

  • And if you did give you like and share it on social media so that your friends and enjoy it as well, don't be so selfish.

  • Off course.

  • Don't forget to subscribe to my channel because there is something truly amazing coming up next.

  • What, you want to know what that is?

Certainly this is Alex.


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