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  • Hey, I'm Jake and it has been a crazy day.

  • In fact, is my computer on dot com.

  • I hope it is because I would love to check out Code Academy, a website that teaches you had a code in HTML five CSS Java script and more all for free.

  • The lessons are interactive, an update in real time so you can see how big a difference a single bracket can truly make.

  • No, come bracket.

  • Don't worry.

  • I'm sure you won't make the same mistakes I did.

  • But if you are still hungry to learn, well, good news.

  • There are many more dawns for you things that you can do online Now.

  • Guys, fire up p table dot com to learn about the elements that make up the world that dog over there.

  • And, of course, you click on an element to see what it looks like and learn about its chemical and physical properties in order to become a master alchemist.

  • I mean scientists.

  • Of course, if you're more of a history buff, you should check out Historia Civilised, a YouTube channel dedicated and talking about the history and tactics of war.

  • Learn about the evolution of the Roman army or take a deep dive in the house.

  • Some of history's greatest battles were won.

  • Romans were quite smart, constantly changing tactics, but they did eat lead historical ICU.

  • Help make more at crowd haiku dot com.

  • The website crowd sources.

  • It's poetry, all while teaching you the importance of teamwork.

  • Submit what words you want and then vote as a collective to create something.

  • Stages would travel miles to read or kilometers, depending on where you live.

  • If you do enjoy traveling, reading, then you'll love.

  • This obsessively detailed map of American literature is most epic road trips, which is exactly what it sounds like.

  • But before you decide to follow in the footsteps of these literary giants, learn the laws of the road with Just Park, a color coded website dedicated to turning you into an upstanding citizen on the go.

  • Wait, What do you mean?

  • It's inadvisable to drive barefoot?

  • I'm a free spirit.

  • I don't need your feet.

  • Prisons.

  • Maybe you're right.

  • I should calm down and look at the big picture with the solar system.

  • Visualize er, which I mean really puts into perspective how small we are makes me wonder about a world without us, an infographic that chronicles what would happen on Earth falling the 1st 5 billion years after we're gone.

  • Oh, no Farrell.

  • House cats inherit the planet.

  • Curse.

  • You got field.

  • You know, I need some music to calm my nerves after that revelation.

  • So let's head over to archive dot org's to browse.

  • Some recently discovered underground music from the eighties.

  • 30 gigs of music can be downloaded for free, and what's really cool is that a lot of it was previously thought to be lost.

  • If eighties music is to current for your taste than slink on down to Public Domain for You, which is dedicated to preserving and providing a home for a collective musical heritage, the sweet sounds of times longer What go even further back in time, you say.

  • Well, I guess we could always check out drawings of Leonardo dot com.

  • It lets you take a close look at the sketch is one of the greatest minds in human history.

  • Not as good as yours, though, and I mean, everyone knows that, but prove it to the world with I write like James Joyce.

  • I knew it.

  • I am an artist, especially with my barcode art center.

  • Basic information about yourself.

  • Then the website will generate a personal barcode to describe Gaijin.

  • 47.

  • Now that you're scannable, embrace your new identity by printing the barcode undershirts and mugs and embrace your individuality with Foggy Shores, a meditative game that takes place along the misty beach.

  • It was designed to remind you of one of life's most important lessons way links.

  • All the songs could be found in the description below, and you're beautiful.

  • Oh, and you're gorgeous and you're smart and, as always, thanks for watching.

Hey, I'm Jake and it has been a crazy day.


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