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  • Wait.

  • How to make tea?

  • Me don't see me is literally translated means kinky, but made a week reddish water.

  • So I'm going to use a whole thesis.

  • More size British.

  • My grandmother used to make this earthenware job G four genie the pace, please.

  • Like a soda.

  • I still remember the delicious taste, but this is a small portion.

  • A coin, half kilograms around £5.

  • I already playing major and pretty washed.

  • Cute.

  • It is a huge Uri.

  • We do leaves.

  • But yesterday I found a sore knee and but I'm going to use it because we needed some great stuff for even can issue.

  • So this is a small reddish in different kinds of reddish and I'm going to use some out leaves This way, please.

  • First, I prepared the physical act, Jack.

  • So when I make you don't know me, I always use is around 60 litres road Insult.

  • Put it in the job.

  • Keep this in the fridge for four days.

  • 12344 days.

  • See you later.

  • This guy was sitting in the fridge for four days, full four days.

  • Last liquid came out ready.

  • She's now.

  • We are going to pour some water here, the water and some spice Korean pair.

  • I prepare the body.

  • You can use a post compared to and green onion ready to bring to you and some colleagues onion and ginger.

  • I'm going to start with ginger, ginger and four Clovis.

  • Mr.

  • Callen, Let's use key.

  • Enjoy and golly, I'm good.

  • Use cheese.

  • Cross drop this year with a fork.

  • Make tiny tiny little holes on the peppers and at so you.

  • Next pour some water jar about two liters.

  • And Karina I watched this old lady and at this, yeah, peel the pair about one cup worth and then slice this into quarter inch intake and then at stir this brian mixture.

  • So there is even niece or key.

  • We need to wait until it four minutes for a couple of days, two days or three days.

  • So when it's ready, I'm going to film and to show you two days later, I got this really delicious.

  • Formenty, talk to me now you will see a little like a bubbles that comes up on the surface after all, South flavor and that's it.

  • Delicious.

  • So two days, just the outside of the prison area we've got a really delicious broth.

  • And don't you be so tasty.

  • Keep this in the refrigerator from now on and whenever you need and take it out from the refrigerator and they cut into slices or whatever you bite size and served with rice.

  • So now I'm going to take out a garlic and ginger pouch.

  • You remember the kiss growth?

  • All these delicious flavor or Levy came out.

  • We don't need this guy anymore.

  • I'm going to use a rather actually, and green chilies as a garnish.

  • And it's a little leap.

  • Okay, I got this little cute guy has the cutest.

  • Yeah, looks a little tasty.

  • And I'm going to show you two ways.

  • So first cutie stays the lengthwise bite size the garnish.

  • Would it is leaves today.

  • We made it.

  • Don't see me served with rice.

  • Rice King.

  • What scheme to street people.

  • Next time I'm going to show you how to make a hole in doing my recipe.



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韓国の大根水キムチ(ドンチミ:동치미 (Korean radish water kimchi (Dongchimi: 동치미))

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