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  • s O.

  • I went to, uh, Catholic school up to eighth grade with, uh, all white kids and probably two or three black kids, but predominantly white school.

  • And then I went to my neighborhood high school in ninth grade.

  • That was 99% black kids.

  • So the first day that I walk in to ninth grade, I walked into the lunch room, and it was like, 500 kids.

  • And to this day, I don't know why I did this.

  • I'm sure it was because I was I was nervous, and, you know, I got that.

  • I have a thing with fear.

  • I don't like being scared, so I'm sure I would walk in.

  • I looked around and I said, Excuse me.

  • Can I have your attention?

  • Can I have your attention, please?

  • He's here.

  • He's here right now.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • People has gotta look in.

  • And there was this one dude and he was sitting there and he looked up to me saying, Man, don't nobody give that you hear?

  • Right?

  • And I said, Hey, just give me 10 minutes.

  • Your girl going care right?

  • And he was like, And you gotta watch that night.

  • that night is not a good night.

  • And I was like, Okay, so I went So I'm walking up The steps were out of the lunch room and I forgot about it.

  • So we're gone, and I'm walking up the steps.

  • And he had taken one of those combination locks and he put the lock in the palm of his hand and put his foot the loop around his knuckle.

  • And he was holding a lock in his hand.

  • And as I was walking up the steps to crack me in the side of my head with the lot and I went down, I was out on, Remember nothing.

  • I still got the lump on my head.

  • You can't see it from here, but I still like there's still alone.

  • So I remember I fell down and hit my mouth on the steps.

  • All of that stuff, you know?

  • So I went up some in the principal's office.

  • All it at the police Come and I got the ice on my lips and I'm I'm sitting in the principal's office and my father comes in.

  • He sees me, and you know, I'm telling the story now.

  • The police are there and I remember I saw this kid.

  • They put him in handcuffs and took him out of the school.

  • And I'm looking sitting in the principal's office and I'm watching the police take him out and put him in the back of a police car and but just couldn't believe it had escalated to a kid being removed from from school.

  • And I was laying in my bed that night, and I was just feeling like shit, and I had the recognition that I had caused this kid to throw his life away, right, And he was kicked out of school and I never knew what what happened to him.

  • But I have a sense that it didn't go well beyond there, and I felt a deep sense of regret and a deep sense that I had caused an emotion in a person that made them do that and that that feeling of regret turned into a sort of a fear of how much power I had.

  • And I was like everything I say and do has that kind of effect on other human beings.

  • And in that moment I decided that I would never walk into a room and do anything other than inspire an uplift and enlighten people and help people, too, be the greater versions off themselves.

  • And I would never do anything that would cause people to to rile up the darkest, dirtiest parts of people I only wanted to enliven and enlighten and inspire.

  • And I remember laying in my bed that night, and I made that promise to myself, and I made that promise to God.

  • And it's something that has completely shaped how I approach people, how I approach moments, how I walk into rooms, how I deal with every human being on this Earth, to him and to his family.

  • I want to send my deepest apologies, and I hope my words and my sincerity reach you, and I hope your life has gone well for you.

s O.


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