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  • there's a pattern to genius.

  • There's a method behind the magic.

  • Always tell people my inspiration was My desperation and I don't do is to impress you.

  • I do this to express to you what's possible, because the truth is you could do this, too.

  • It's really about supercharging your brains.

  • You could learn anything faster.

  • That's really my mission.

  • Growing up as a child, I had a traumatic brain injury that left me with certain learning difficulties and challenges.

  • I had four focus or memory.

  • I couldn't concentrate.

  • It took an extra few years just to learn how to read.

  • What I found was that over time I came up with these techniques and these methods to be able to compensate.

  • Before these challenges, I went from below normal thio.

  • Above normal, you've ever seen me on stage and memorize a roomful of people's names, 100 word 100 numbers, forwards and backwards.

  • I really focus on the science of metallurgy, learning how to learn.

  • I think if there's one skill to master in the 21st century, it's our ability to quickly learn and apply and think and adapt faster than our environment.

  • And that's really been my focus for the past three decades.

  • Really field research?

  • What works with individuals?

  • What's the patterns of genius?

  • Whether it's a child with learning difficulties to seniors that feel like they're losing their memory and working with high performers in Hollywood and C Suite executives, founders, athletes, I see a pattern.

  • There's a pattern to genius.

  • There's a method behind the magic.

  • I've created a master class where I reveal the 10 keys for unlocking your super brain so you could supercharge your mind.

  • You could learn anything faster.

  • You could focus and get more done.

  • It's all in this master class.

  • This master class goes far beyond just memorizing fax.

  • You're gonna learn the 10 keys that unlock your true mental potential to be able to not only remember things better but really have focus and concentration to get the things done that you to do to be ableto liberate yourself from labels in the past to change or negative self talk and mealy then the life you desire and deserve.

  • As the boy was labeled, the boy with the broken brain to build better, brighter brains toe leave no brain left behind.

  • My name is Jim Quick, and I help people toe learn quickly.

  • I have so many tools to teach you.

  • I can't wait to see you in this master class.

  • Sign up and I'll see you there.

there's a pattern to genius.


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