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  • way conditions set again.

  • I'm Alex.

  • Welcome to friends.

  • Get to Today we will try to make the most perfectly cooked steak ever using state of the technique, like soupy or temperature control.

  • But don't worry, because, as usual, have made this chip fun and easy.

  • I believe it's a very peaceful episode.

  • What?

  • All right, let's do it.

  • Everyone has a personal favorite meat darkness, or should I say, a personal favorite meat temperature?

  • Be, for example, rare, corresponding to 54 shelters or 1 30 for a night.

  • Medium rare to 57 senses or 1 35 nights and medium corresponds to 60 degrees Celsius or 1 40 for a night.

  • India oven or in a pan stakes temperature increased very fast over time.

  • And to get the one you desire, you must get the meat out at a very precise moment, a bit too early, and it will be undercooked a bit too late, and it will be over good.

  • This classic metal is tricky and so easy to making steaks.

  • All right, let's have a look at our stake.

  • The classic way.

  • Not bad.

  • It looks really good, in fact, but let's have a closer look, the very center seems to be medium rare and delicious.

  • Also, the crust looks caramelized and amazing.

  • But what about the rest medium, medium?

  • Well, well done.

  • The problem lies in the Grady Int.

  • The transition between the center and the crust is neither juicy, no crispy, and our mission is to get rid of this.

  • No man's long.

  • We would use a low temperature cooking technique called Suited, our nuts of chef terms and their vacuum.

  • If you think you need an expensive and complex machine to do that, then think again, because basically, I do have the world best and cheapest machine available.

  • The beer cooler.

  • This brilliant insulator is perfect to keep food fresh but also warm off a long turner of time.

  • And, believe it or not, it will be spot on to cook our steak From this moment on, we also need a thermometer like this one, for example, which cost me about seven bucks at Ikea.

  • Grab a six day, also called a double.

  • Think this can stay juicy while having a nice brown crust at the same time, place it in safe Ziploc bag along with better and a sprig of time use a strobe, place it on the side almost completely, closed the bag and suck out the air before closing it quickly.

  • This will ensure better contact in a much more even cooking field the beer cooler with warm water as it's losing about one or two degrees per hour.

  • I recommend you to fill it up with water, just about your desired temperature, plays the Seal Baginda vehicular along with a thermometer and close the lead tight.

  • From now on, it should take about two hours to cook it.

  • You should occasionally checking.

  • The temperature is stable if you need to just have a bit of hot water to the bath.

  • The bigger the vehicular is, the more stable the temperature will be.

  • The obvious yet amazing consequence of cooking your steak at 60 degrees Celsius is that it can't go higher, meaning that no matter how long you let that stake in, it will never be overcooked at that temperature.

  • Just don't let it more than three hours after two hours, it's time to get it out.

  • Yeah, I know it looks pretty miserable.

  • It's definitely lacking something really crucial.

  • A crispy brown crust.

  • We could get that trust under broiler or in a skillet, for it would also could the inside of the state, which would ruin all our efforts.

  • No, there's only one way to do it properly.

  • We must apply a flash off heat of temperature so high that the crust will form before the inside even start to cook.

  • The blowtorch and mental heat will do the job just fine.

  • This is what I'm talking about.

  • Plays the state on a safe sir face and blow it up.

  • I mean, don't blow it up like blue.

  • Torch it up, you get it And here is the moment of truth.

  • Will we see a difference?

  • Will we have the desire lack off radiant?

  • Let's find out.

  • I must admit it's the first time I see a stick slice like this one pink red from one side to the other.

  • In fact, it clearly is one of the best steak I've ever tasted.

  • So tender and juicy and full of flavor.

  • So, guys, that's it.

  • This steak was epic.

  • It was cooked to perfection.

  • Okay, so it's dangerous.

  • It's also a bit of a pain, but at the end the result is glorious.

  • Plus, with the vehicle are cheats on suited cooking.

  • There's a whole new world of possibilities now happen.

  • Take care.

  • Don't do something stupid.

  • Please let me take care of it.

  • Like come and share, Subscribe or whatever, as long as you stay hungry and foolish Salute.

way conditions set again.


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