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  • finally tonight to doctors with two Children and the tough call they had to make for health care workers.

  • The battle against the Corona virus is grueling but essential.

  • All week, my Monitors hospital in Brooklyn, showing us what it's like inside there.

  • I see youse from the critical care to the phone calls, sharing tough news like this.

  • This this to me is like a mass casualty event like War E R.

  • Doctors Lawrence and Christine Haines are on the front lines in New York, Lawrence at my Monitors hospital and Christine at Lenox Hill, working around the clock saving lives.

  • And early on they had to make a tough decision, sending their young daughter and son away to stay with family.

  • We haven't seen them in three weeks, and that's been a struggling itself.

  • You know, toe have that, You know, relief of seeing your kids at the end of the day after a hard day is just so relieving, and we haven't been able to have that.

  • But it's a decision they say was better for the entire family, just in case someone got infected.

  • We're quarantining ourselves away from the family, so every night they face time, But even that can be hard.

  • Have you had a moment?

  • Just a while.

  • Face time you're talking.

  • Kids were like you broke down just like Oh God, this is so hard.

  • I have tried to just step strong every day, every day way Try not to let them see us so much break down, especially if they're breaking down at the same time.

  • But as soon as we end, that college just breaks my heart.

  • That they're both doctors does help.

  • We have each other to lean on and hug and talk about our experiences.

  • And it Sze been really consoling and there's one more thing that gets him through these tough weeks.

  • I tell you what really lifted my spirits is at 7 p.m. We opened our windows and we hear the cheering and brings tears rise.

  • We've shown you those moments in cities like New York and others where people take to their balconies, their windows showing their gratitude to health care workers.

  • Not seeing our families is obviously emotionally harder for us.

  • So having that extra you know, acknowledgment at the end of the day has been so uplifting.

  • So if you can keep cheering them on these two doctors, like so many marching on during these uncertain times, just knowing that every day we are hopefully making a difference and, you know, saving lives and showing up and being where we need to be.

  • I think that's enough motivation to get through this hard part.

  • And, you know, just look forward to the good times of being with your family again, and we know they will be reunited.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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finally tonight to doctors with two Children and the tough call they had to make for health care workers.


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コロナウイルスパンデミックの最前線にいる家族 (Families on front lines of the coronavirus pandemic)

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