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  • we're going to be finishing up our Nielsen cycle this year.

  • The program has his Amazing fifth and sixth symphonies.

  • The Fifth Symphony, which is undeniable.

  • Masterpiece, hasn't been played by the New York Philharmonic for 10 years, and amazingly, the Sixth Symphony has never been done.

  • So this is really an important moment.

  • I think they're both, I think, graspable on the first on the first hearing, and they're both tonal and romantic and expressive and exciting and vivid.

  • There is MME.

  • Or that you can say, is iconoclastic about about the sixth.

  • But it's it's not weird by any stretch of the imagination.

  • It's just very, very clear and personal, which I'm sure that our audience is gonna absolutely dig it.

  • I can hardly believe that we're at this point at the end of a recording project that is really, really major.

  • I think back to the genesis of the idea, and it was it was pretty simple.

  • I I thought, you know, the New York Philharmonic has the perfect sound and perfect approach for Nielsen's music, and of course, they'd played his fourth Symphony, especially his Fifth Symphony Clarinet Concerto here and there.

  • But, um, there were corners of the repertoire, the fool range of his symphonies that the OSHA hadn't explored.

  • And I feel like we've really gotten to know his music over these last years because he's truly a great composer.

  • His music is, is somehow I would describe as mainstream European symphonic music combined with a very distinctive Nordic Danish Scandinavian.

  • It's hard to quite pin it down, but there's definitely something that is special about his voice in the way that Onley great composers have a have a unique voice.

we're going to be finishing up our Nielsen cycle this year.


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ニールセンの交響曲第5番、第6番とアラン・ギルバートとの共演|ニューヨーク・フィルハーモニー管弦楽団 (Nielsen's 5th and 6th Symphonies with Alan Gilbert | New York Philharmonic)

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