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  • Since Google started pumping out new color combinations with their Pixel 2 this week,

  • I figured I'd take matters into my own hands with the original Pixel and assess some of

  • our own color options by swapping out the back glass.

  • This also works if your camera lens is broken of course, and you just want to replace it

  • like a normal person.

  • It's surprisingly not that difficult of a project.

  • Let's get started.

  • [Intro]

  • Now, breaking your glass camera lens on purpose would be pretty dumb.

  • Only a crazy person would abuse a perfectly good phone.

  • But I am going to stimulate this repair on a phone that does have glass that's already

  • broken, and I'll let you know what to watch out for as I go along.

  • Heat is going to be our best friend during this repair.

  • It does soften the adhesive under the glasswhich there's actually not very much of,

  • surprisingly enough.

  • But it is pretty strong stuff.

  • Apple honestly should have attached the back glass of their iPhone 8 with this same method,

  • and saved everyone some major time and money.

  • But I'll save that conversation for a different video.

  • Once I got that tiny gap open by using the sharpness of my razor blade underneath the

  • glass, I was able to slide my slightly thicker metal pry tools around the edge and then lift

  • up a pretty major chunk of the glass.

  • There are a few different important ribbon cables that you have to watch out for under

  • that glass slab; one being the fingerprint scanner ribbon, which I'll show you in a second.

  • And the other is this little antenna thing on the right side of the back.

  • Avoid these fragile ribbon cables as you're peeling off the glass layers because they

  • can tear.

  • The adhesive is only along the sides of the back lens, so the glass is pretty easy to

  • lift up and off of the phone.

  • Also remember that glass is the same hardness as glass and can scratch itself, so try and

  • keep the glass dust and larger shards of glass out from underneath the screen.

  • Getting closer to that fingerprint scanner.

  • I'll very carefully push it down with my finger and then lift up the rest of the glass up

  • and away from the back of the phone, leaving the home button in place.

  • If you pull too hard, it will tear and stop working.

  • Applying the replacement glass is pretty straightforward.

  • I'll link these replacements down in the video description.

  • The Pixel and Pixel XL are both different sizes so make sure you buy the right one for

  • your model of phone.

  • I'll pull off the little but of adhesive protection.

  • I forgot to move over the flash diffuser from my previous glass, so maybe you'll want to

  • transfer that before pulling off the adhesive protection.

  • Also, needless to say, make sure the inside of the lens is clean, because you don't want

  • no dust specks in your pictures.

  • I'll just set the glass down in place inside the phone, making sure it lines up with all

  • sides of the rectangle cut out before the adhesive can grip too hard.

  • Once it's in place, it's hard to remove.

  • This is the black and blue version which looks pretty solid, and I like it.

  • But I also want to try out the white glass.

  • The picture taking capability it still working great.

  • The exterior glass of any cellphone is there for protection and not for focusing, so as

  • long as the lens is visibly clean and clear, it won't be messing with the functionality

  • of the camera.

  • If the camera itself is not working or focusing correctly, it's a hardware issue inside of

  • the phone.

  • And now it's time for the white lens.

  • I think this one's going to end up looking pretty cool.

  • The back glass was already adhered pretty tightly to the phone body, so I'll apply some

  • more heat and lift it off with my metal pry tool.

  • And then again, prematurely pull off the adhesive protection on the white lens before adding

  • the flash diffuser.

  • I'll orient the diffuser like shape of an upright 8 to line it up with the dual LEDs

  • right below it.

  • I also cleaned out all the extra black adhesive out from underneath the glass so that the

  • new lens will sit super level and flush with the phone body.

  • Getting that fingerprint scanner lined up in the center of the white lens here, and

  • I think this color combination looks pretty awesome.

  • The white and really blue combo is legit.

  • I'm probably going to keep this visually appealing set up.

  • But I do want to try one more lens and it's pretty clear what it's going to be.

  • The coloring on all these Bonafide Hardware glass lenses can be scraped off.

  • It wasn't totally perfect, but it still looks pretty clean.

  • What color do you think looks best...the black, white, blue, or this new clear version?

  • I'll still need to add some of my transparent double sided adhesive to hold it down, but

  • it's ready to go.

  • I'll link all these replacement lenses in the video description right below this video.

  • Come hang out with me on Instagram and Twitter to see some of the projects that don't make

  • it all the way to my YouTube channel.

  • And thanks for watching.

  • I'll see you around.

Since Google started pumping out new color combinations with their Pixel 2 this week,


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