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  • now moving on.

  • New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, essentially the Freddy Mercury of the Iraq war, wrote a short list of Biden.

  • VP picks My recommendations for Vice President Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan.

  • Former Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala.

  • Oh, so you know, Congresswoman, we know you're interested, but let's go ahead and get the prepackaged denial out of the way.

  • Congresswoman, are you interested in being Joe Biden's VP pick?

  • I couldn't be born Susy ass stick.

  • That's an inside, ladies and gentlemen, real sign of an experience there to show that you're interested.

  • I think you are, Deke.

  • You'd congressman You served Us Health and Human Services Secretary.

  • We've gotta talk about this dangerous new teen trend with face masks.

  • Big news has the report.

  • It's a dangerous new trend amongst teens that's sweeping the nation.

  • A challenge to go outside without protective masks or gloves.

  • They call it raw dogging.

  • Wow, As a mother, this really concerns me.

  • I have a four year old son and to imagine him raw dogging when he's older.

  • Just because he saw it on TV and thought it looked cool is just disturbing and dangerous.

  • My son claimed his answer just too big to fit in the gloves that we gave him.

  • But I know that's bull.

  • I'm his father.

  • All that latex really takes the intimacy out of grocery shopping.

  • Yeah.

  • Now, of course, Sarah and I raw dog when we were in the studio together.

  • But that's only because it's just the two of us.

  • We know where we've been.

  • We know we're both safe now.

  • Would you agree that Governor De Santis needs to issue a statement on raw dogging right away?

  • I think the first test issue a state.

  • But to close the beaches.

  • That's where most of this raw dogging is happening.

  • Very sandy business congresswoman.

  • There are lives on the line.

  • The only way teens will stop this risky behavior is if you say raw dogging.

  • I think we should also get loud and proud.

  • Raw dogging it all gain very responsible Congress Woman that gets an inside the hill political replay.

now moving on.


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記者ドナ・シャララは、バイデンのVPの投機とrawdoggingと呼ばれる危険な新しいトレンドを議論しています。 (Rep. Donna Shalala discusses Biden VP speculation and a dangerous new trend called rawdogging.)

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