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  • bring us that guy Singing is a doctor.

  • Here's the story that Hensler is an ear, nose and throat surgeons in Cincinnati.

  • He's had to spend the last couple weeks in self quarantine after being exposed to someone with the Corona virus.

  • I'm shocked at this point.

  • You've wondered that that's not doing with all this free time.

  • Uh, I made an abridged parody of one of my favorite songs, and so I hope you enjoy.

  • I'm a huge Billy Joel fan.

  • I've looked into him since I was a kid.

  • My dad.

  • It's kind of one of the songs I can kind of play on the piano, and I had this really old harmonica from Cracker Barrel, actually.

  • So all these things put together put all these things together and you have a pretty solid Corona virus parody of Piano Man said something this come in yet no one knows.

  • Health providers supplies Theo Original Piano Man song may actually be Maur appropriate to Cove in 19 than most people realize.

  • For one thing, it makes reference to tonic.

  • There's an old man sitting next to me, making love to his tonic and Gin Tonic contains a medicine known as nine.

  • I joked with everybody about the aspect of quinine because it's in tonic, right?

  • So and that quinine is this kind of precursor.

  • Or it's related to Hydroxy Florrick, one, which is being researched as a treatment for treatment for crew virus doctors treating Cove in 19 patients.

  • Right now, consider prescribing the anti malaria drug hydroxy Clara Quinn.

  • If you're drinking gin and tonics, you may be protecting yourself, even though there's no data to support that.

  • A few days later, one of my really good friends texted Billy Joel was like a visionary with this because he was singing about, you know, tonic and gin.

  • And even thematically, Billy Joel was onto something.

  • I thought, It's kind of a sad song.

  • It's kind about this loneliness, Um, and then I think about Corona virus in the isolation that I think is health care providers.

  • We kind of feel within.

  • Everybody's dealing with this kind of just a way for me to help cope with everything.

  • Dr.

  • Handler is returning to his hospital and supporting his colleagues on the front lines of the fight against Cove in 19.

  • He's also hoping to see Billy Joel in concerts the next time the piano Man comes to Ohio is supposed to be coming to Cincinnati, I think, in September.

  • But who knows if that's gonna happen now, right?

  • Cause maybe there's a Piano Corona Man duet in the future that I could put together.

  • This is inside edition dot com.

bring us that guy Singing is a doctor.


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隔離された医師がビリー・ジョエルのパロディ「コロナ・マン」を歌う (Doctor in Quarantine Sings ‘Corona Man’ Billy Joel Parody)

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