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  • Alright, who is, for those who watch, who is 'A'? Explain who 'A' is.

  • I know who 'A' is in the books.

  • Okay, who is 'A' in the books?

  • Well the- can I say? I guess I can-if it's in the books, it's-I don't want to get in trouble! I feel like I'm going to get in trouble!

  • Is it published in the books?

  • Yeah!

  • Alright, well then you're okay.

  • It's a girl, it's Hannah's best friend.

  • Okay.

  • But-we're doing it completely different on the show, so...I don't know who 'A'...

  • But now she sends messages, this 'A'...

  • Yeah, she sends texts and e-mails and videos and writes things on our windows...

  • And you don't like her?

  • We don't like 'A'.

  • At all?

  • We hate 'A'.

  • Will you come face to face with her or is she dead?

  • I don't know! We don't know!

  • Is she alive?

  • They don't tell me anything, I don't know. I don't know what's going on, sorry that's all I got.

  • Well, good to have you with us...

  • He's like okay leave!

  • You were much more fourth coming on American Juniors!

  • You were dating this guy from the Wizards of Waverly Place last time I saw you,what's his name, David Henri?

  • (Corrects pronunciation)

  • That's what you said last time, David Henri, no...

  • Well it looks like it should be David Henri (French pronunciation)

  • I know

  • I was, we were young, no, we're friends.

  • He's a nice guy though

  • He is, I love him!

  • Yeah, he's funny!

  • Ellen, I'm not asking if you're dating him, I'm asking Lucy!

  • No, I'm not dating him.

  • So what about now, are you single?

  • I'm very single...21 single...

  • No braces...

  • No braces, life's good!

  • Do boys ask you out?

  • Not really, no...I'm just looking.

  • So do you ask boys out?

  • Yeah, it's more me asking the boys as in the boys asking me.

  • And why do you think that is?

  • I have no idea!

  • Are they intimidated by you?

  • Prob-I don't know, I feel like I'm friendly. I'm outgoing.

  • Do you go for actor types, or do you have a type?

  • I've dated a few actors and that didn't work out so...

  • Shocker! What kind of guy does your mom approve of?

  • My mom wants me to date a Southern guy. She wants me to date someone who's like, not out here but we'll see how that works out.

  • Yeah, she'll think that, make her think that for a while and then you'll end up with someone out here 'cause you're out here!

  • Yeah

  • But, we can lie to her..

Alright, who is, for those who watch, who is 'A'? Explain who 'A' is.


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