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Ni hao. My name is Mei Mei Wang and I cover Travel and
Tourism sector. Taiwan is a island of traveler.
With it's population of 23 million
almost 20% goes abroad each year on business
education and vacation. America is Taiwan's
top destination for long haul, outbound travelers.
Now that Taiwan is part of the U.S. visa
waiver program, we believe even more Taiwanese travelers
will go to the U.S.A. One of our premier
opportunities for American travel and tourism companies is the
My Dream Vacation USA program. This program is conducted by our
office in partnership with Discover America Committee
highlighting American destinations through the theme based
press events. The major themes we promoted were
Food and Wine Festival, National Park,
Amusement, Sports, Shopping, and National Parks.
We work with a variety
of U.S. tourism bureaus, airlines,
travel agents, service providers. To give you
a better idea how we conduct those press events, we
posted overviews of those events on our website.
Another major event for you to consider joining is
the Taipei International Travel Fair in the fall.
This travel event attracts nearly one quarter million visitors
in four days fair. American Pavilion is
always the shining star, and is the focus for general public
and the media. All our
travel and tourism programs are cost effective and
are the most efficient way for you to increase your attention
in the Taiwan travel market. We look forward to
having you on board and becoming partner for those exciting programs.



Taiwan Outbound Travel and Tourism Market 2013

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