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Hi everybody!
Today, we are going to make
Tofu Pickles dubujangajji
Have you ever heard about dubujangajji?
Yes. We can make pickles with tofu
Some of my Canadian, American friends requested
Hey, Maangchi more tofu recipes, more tofu recipes
They love tofu
It is going to be a good side dish
and you can keep this in the refrigerator, maybe around two weeks
Ok, let's start
I'm going to use today is 2 packages of tofu
Each package is 40 ounce
So 400g about
¾ cup soy sauce
1½ cup water
⅓ cup vinegar
Apple vinegar I'm using
dried shiitake mushroom
Royal Gala (apple) I'm using to give the sweetness
We are going to boil this
Slice thinly
Tofu and onion pickle together is really crispy and more tasty
You see, it's really boiling now so I'm going to turn down
over low heat
Let's open this tofu
and pour out the water
I like to rince once
on the paper towel, put it here
So first, cut this in half
this guy also
and this

like this
This one is like ¼
So 24 pieces, 24 pieces, so 48 pieces of tofu
We are going to pan-fry these tofu pieces
So, pan is heated
and add some cooking oil
So turn it over, so every side is golden brown
With a spatula and one little spoon, and then just turn it over, turn it over
and fun!
So when it's cooked
transfer here
so one package of tofu is done
this tofus I'm going to pan-fry
same method
*sizzles dramatically*
So this brine is done. Actually, really sizzling, low low heat, 30 minutes i boiled it
so now, ready, I'm going to turn off the heat!
Same way, cook this, all sides is golden brown
A little bit crispy, but inside it should be soft
While this is cooking, I'm going to put this tofu into this glass container.
Ok, I'm going to turn off the heat
Do you remember this sliced onion?
So brine is still warm, pour this into this
so mushroom is very tasty
it looks like a button, right?
This more sauce, brine here
So, this in container, let it cool down and then close the lid and keep this in the refigerator
Today I'm going to taste this one
And when you serve this, always with rice or noodle, bland rice because the little salty side dish
looks like a little bit spongy, like elastic
look at that, inside
This brine is very tasty
So I'm going to add a little piece of onion
really delicious
shiitake mushroom, tastes like meat
perfect vegetarian side dish
really good
If I love it, you will love it too
Today we made dubujangajji, tofu pickles.
Enjoy my recipe
See you next time. Bye! :)


Korean Tofu Pickles (Dubujangajji: 두부장아찌)

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