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  • Eggplant, unicorn and poop your way to power with Emoji Chargers

  • Or fill batteries with your head thanks to the SOLSOL Solar Charging hat.

  • These are tech gifts.

  • So Happy HoLÜTdays because

  • this is LÜT.

  • Wake up to the sweet sense of smell by *sniff* sniffing sensorwake, The Olfactory Alarm Clock.

  • Choose from seven scent capsules that last 30 awakenings and include chocolate, espresso

  • and croissant.

  • The gradually progressing smells gently wake you up within two minutes.

  • If you're tired of taking a minute fumbling with keys or remembering combinations which who can do that?

  • there's the Nokē Padlock.

  • By connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth it wirelessly recognizes its owner and opens

  • with a click.

  • Click these electric light blocks into place to build a glowing structure.

  • Available in a 32 or 102 block set, the illuminated construction blocks light up when connected.

  • Then light up the world on your desk with the Age Of Discovery Globe Light.

  • Or discover how to make your toilet glow in the night thanks to Illuminbowl - the motion

  • activated, colorful toilet night light.

  • Ahh, so relaxing. I'm just going to stare at this toilet forever.

  • Instead of lighting up a toilet, how about you just light up yourself by wearing LED clothes.

  • The LED Clothing Studio has jackets, costumes, dresses, shoes, t-shirts, accessories, and

  • even custom luminous clothing creations.

  • So you can finally fulfill your destiny of becoming an LED Cyborg.

  • *singing* Realistic food phone cases from Japan.

  • Shrimp and noodles and whatever this is! *singing*

  • Now that your mouth is watering, store your food-y phone in the phone storage workout

  • bottle.

  • It'll help you stay hydrated while provided a safe place to stash your phone, credit card

  • or cash between two water compartments.

  • Then say holo to HOLO Cardboard.

  • A clear pyramid display and cardboard casing that turns your toys into a holographic visual

  • extravaganza.

  • There are several figures that have specific animations designed to react to the system

  • including Pikachu's thunderbolt, Takumi's car from Initial D and some Dragonball GT

  • power leveling.

  • Level your artistic skills upon this DIY headphone customization kit.

  • Putting your art on your skull.

  • Listen to sounds out of a skull with the AeroSkull Nano.

  • A tiny portable speaker with 6 to 8 hours of battery life pumping out of pretty sweet

  • shades.

  • Keep it tiny and awesome when you project high-definition images from The UO Smart Beam

  • Laser.

  • This small cube features a built-in speaker or can output to external audio and delivers

  • over 100 inches of HD video.

  • Which is pretty cool.

  • “I was water before it was cool!”

  • Alright, hipster ice cube.

  • And as always - thanks for watching.

Eggplant, unicorn and poop your way to power with Emoji Chargers


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POOP CHARGER などのテックギフト -- The 12 Days Of LÜT (POOP CHARGER and more TECH GIFTS -- The 12 Days Of LÜT)

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