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  • How do you get inside the note?

  • Because once you get inside the note,

  • you're gonna get inside people's hearts.

  • If you don't know how to get inside the note,

  • you are not gonna get inside people's hearts

  • and you're not gonna get their attention.

  • They'll walk away.

  • This is the outside of the note.


  • This is inside the note.


  • You know, one note.

  • Soul, heart, mind, body, and your vitals.

  • One note.

  • That is the most important ingredient

  • for musicians to have.

  • How to implement those five elements into one note.

  • I hear it in Charlie Parker.

  • I hear it in Stevie Ray Vaughan.

  • Jaco Pastorious.

  • I can tell you who in one note has all those elements going

  • each time.

  • That makes it very, very timeless and very essential

  • to being alive and living and being elevated.

How do you get inside the note?


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