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  • Hi, I'm Leigh Whannell.

  • I'm the writer and director of the film,

  • "The Invisible Man."

  • A lot of the film deals with paranoia and whether or not

  • Elisabeth Moss's character is really seeing something.

  • And this is a scene where she's actually

  • dealing with physical presence and a physical threat.

  • We don't get to meet our antagonist, Adrian.

  • You don't have to learn a lot about him

  • as the film goes on.

  • And so I wanted the threat to suddenly become very real.

  • And I thought it would be an interesting way

  • to shoot a scene like this where two people are

  • fighting, but you can only see one of the participants.


  • And I could see that in my mind's eye.

  • I could see what that would look like if we pulled it off

  • well.

  • Turns out it was quite hard to achieve.

  • It took a while to get there, to get the thing on screen

  • that I could see in my head when I was writing.

  • But we got here, eventually.


  • There's obviously moments in this scene

  • that Elisabeth Moss could not perform.

  • She's not a trained stunt performer.

  • She cannot be thrown across a table.

  • So then the question becomes, how

  • do we shoot Elisabeth Moss and then cut to somebody else?

  • So in the middle of the shot, we

  • have to match frame a stunt person in.

  • And then, so she'll do the actual throw

  • and she'll get thrown, and then she'll land,

  • and we have to freeze her and then match frame Elisabeth

  • back in.

  • And it was very technically difficult when she was

  • interacting with the stunt performer in a green suit

  • and when she wasn't.

  • Because as we found out when we did visual effects,

  • it's kind of easier to add something

  • to a frame with CGI.

  • It's hard to remove something, especially

  • a human body in a bright green suit.

  • Like if this person is moving and blocking the other actor,

  • and what are we going to do with that moment

  • where the stunt performer's arm is

  • blocking Elisabeth's face.

  • But I know that the visual effects

  • guys, a company called Cutting Edge, in Sydney,

  • had a lot of sleepless nights to get it looking amazing.


Hi, I'm Leigh Whannell.


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