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  • Two shipping containers and a truck trailer

  • sitting in the middle of an empty bridge

  • between Venezuela and Colombia.

  • It's an unusual image, for sure.

  • And rival governments have spun it for their own gain.

  • And the people who put those containers there

  • is a terrorist, criminal regime.”

  • They were put there by the Venezuelan government

  • about two weeks ago.

  • The message? Venezuela will block any U.S. aid

  • from coming into the country.

  • But the thing is, none of this is exactly as it seems.

  • Let's start with this building: a warehouse in Colombia

  • that's holding U.S. aid for Venezuela.

  • The Americans are supporting Juan Guaidó.

  • He's trying to oust Venezuela's president,

  • Nicolás Maduro.

  • The country is in economic crisis,

  • and the U.S. aid is supposed to be part of that support.

  • Pull out a bit,

  • and here's the bridge with the containers and trailer,

  • about 800 yards away.

  • From Maduro's perspective,

  • they're turning back unwanted aid

  • from meddling outsiders. From the U.S. perspective,

  • they're preventing aid from reaching the needy.

  • Here's why neither of these perspectives is quite true.

  • The bridge was finished in 2016, but because of a dispute between

  • Colombia and Venezuela, the border crossing was never opened.

  • Take a look at this image from 2017.

  • The bridge is deserted.

  • And there's no border traffic.

  • That barrier in front of the containers?

  • It was actually already there.

  • It was built by Colombia to help stop smuggling.

  • If we pull out a bit more,

  • we can see there's two other bridges close by.

  • They also lead to the border.

  • But they're openabout 30,000 people pass through each day.

  • Why couldn't aid just be delivered on these bridges?

  • They're only open to foot traffic.

  • And Venezuela restricts what can be brought over them.

  • So in reality, there was never a possibility

  • of driving aid over any of these bridges

  • as long as Maduro was in charge.

  • Some aid groups accuse the U.S. and opposition leaders

  • of bringing the supplies here anyway,

  • using the aid as a tool to pressure Maduro.

  • Despite all this, the blocked bridge

  • continues to be a flashpoint.

  • Most recently, there have been plans for opposing concerts

  • at either end of the bridge, each designed

  • to rally Venezuelansand the worldto their causes.

Two shipping containers and a truck trailer


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ベネズエラの国境橋が地政学的な危機に陥った経緯|NYTニュース (How a Venezuelan Border Bridge Became a Geopolitical Flashpoint | NYT News)

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