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  • There are two ways to think about money.

  • One is probably the correct way.

  • The other is the popular way.

  • The popular way is what all our education systems focus on.

  • In fact, most of the education we receive on money is focused on

  • the popular way, which is often called money IQ.

  • It is probably 95% of all the education and all the books

  • you've ever read on money.

  • But that 5%, which is called money EQ, is what is really,

  • truly the most important thing.

  • Our newest masterclass in Mindvalley with Ken Honda

  • is going to explain the difference.

  • Ken Honda is one of the most incredible writers in Japan,

  • famous for studying the minds of the super-wealthy, and writing

  • over 50 books in Japan on personal growth.

  • So as you can see, so much of our education is on money IQ,

  • but it's not what truly matters.

  • And what I found out is that people want to learn

  • about money IQ, which is about financial intelligence.

  • It's about investing, how to buy stocks,

  • and how to trade, and all the other things.

  • But what I found out is that money EQ is more important than money IQ.

  • Money EQ is emotional intelligence about money, how healthy you

  • feel with money.

  • A healthy relationship is that when you feel happy about money,

  • your money EQ is high.

  • When you constantly worry about money and you have fear on money,

  • your money EQ is low.

  • And the highest money IQ people, with all the MBAs and all the

  • doctor degree, they are good at investing and they're super good

  • with business, but these high money IQ people often lose everything

  • because of low money EQ.

  • Even though you built a high tower with money IQ, the foundation

  • is shaky, it's going to fall.

  • So, money EQ is the foundation of life.

  • For example, if you get a $500 raise, which is great,

  • but can you keep the money?

  • Probably, you will celebrate your raise and spend it all.

  • And then, if you get a $2,000 raise, which is great, probably,

  • you're going to move to a better and bigger house, and then,

  • you're going to probably buy a bigger car

  • and more expensive stuff.

  • So even though you get a raise, you make more money,

  • your expenses also are trying to match your income, so you have no

  • money at the end of the month anyway.

  • I have known many CEOs who are making a few hundred thousand

  • dollars a year, but still, they cannot keep any money left

  • because their lifestyle consumes all their money.

  • So unless you learn about money EQ and have a solid foundation,

  • you'll never be able to feel peace with money, and you'll never be

  • able to achieve true financial independence.

  • If you find this idea interesting, what you want to do

  • is develop your money EQ.

  • And when you develop your money EQ, that's when you start

  • to feel truly rich.

  • And that is when the universe starts to shift to bring you

  • the wealth and abundance that you desire.

There are two ways to think about money.


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お金について考える2つの方法はどれ? (Which of these 2 Ways Do You Think About Money?)

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