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  • Here

  • Here at the end of the trail

  • How could I come all this way

  • Only just to fail

  • Now where

  • Where do I go

  • ♪ I've tried all that I know

  • Don't think there's any more I can do

  • Come on, everyone. We can do this.

  • Work together.

  • But now I think I see

  • There's more to this journey than me

  • So if I have to I'll move along

  • In a group where I belong

  • With my friends

  • ♪ I know I won't be alone

  • With my friends we'll find a path

  • That I can't find on my own

  • Maybe this journey won't end today

  • But with my friends it'll be okay

  • With my friends

  • It begins and ends

  • With my friends



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ライオン・ガード友だちといっしょに~歌詞付きフルソング~|生活の木 (The Lion Guard: With My Friends - Full Song with lyrics | The Tree of Life)

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