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  • The abundance of krill attracts other visitors to the peninsula in the summer.

  • Antarctic minke whales.

  • Their pointed heads and short dorsal fins give them speed and endurance.

  • And they need both.

  • There are other whales here, too.

  • Killers.

  • This is an extended family of mothers and their young.

  • And a male with a huge dorsal fin almost two metres high.

  • A lone minke whale.

  • It's just what this group of killer whales are looking for.

  • Working as a team, as they have done for decades, they fan out across the strait in search of their quarry.

  • And they've found it!

  • The minke races away, pursued by outriders on each flank.

  • Terrified, the minke heads for the shore.

  • It's so desperate to escape, it almost beaches itself.

  • It makes a desperate break for freedom.

  • Two hours and 20 miles later, the minke is still alive and swimming strongly.

  • Its only real defense is its endurance, but the killers work as a team, with fresh ones replacing the outriders in relays.

  • And as the minke tires, the battering and the biting begins.

  • Seabirds are attracted by the smell of fresh blood rising from the water.

  • The killers try to flip the minke over.

  • If they can manage to keep its blowhole underwater, it will drown.

  • One forces the minke's whole body down below the surface.

  • And then, the final strike.

  • The team drag the minke under for the last time.

  • And the hunters, finally, can feed.

The abundance of krill attracts other visitors to the peninsula in the summer.


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シャチがミンクを襲う|フローズン・プラネット|BBC Earth (Killer Whales Attack Minke | Frozen Planet | BBC Earth)

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