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  • >> A support team is greater than the medication.

  • I think I would be lost to the world if I didn't have the people I do have

  • in my immediate circle.

  • They will remind me when necessary; don't forget to bring your pill.

  • If I'm to go out of town someplace, if I'm to spend the night

  • over at somebody else's house right before I go to sleep they'll say --

  • they'll ask me have you taken your medication yet?

  • And if not, I can then -- then take it right before I go to sleep.

  • So I mean my support team has been awesome.

  • >> My mother, my grandmother and my sister three key ladies in my life whom I love and cherish

  • and it was important for me to -- to be regimented with --

  • with my medicine because I saw the fear in their eyes.

  • My sister, it's just her and I, she's the one who knew you know that I had to take my medicine

  • in the morning with food and I didn't take the Sustiva until the evening

  • because of some of the side effects.

  • So she -- she was my nurse essentially.

  • They were supportive in that you know they attended every doctor's --

  • every doctor's appointment with me and learned a lot about HIV and AIDS.

  • And so they never nagged they were actually very informative.

  • >> I had people that had been very supportive of me taking medications and adhere

  • to medication especially my family.

  • And they are the ones that continually ask me not necessarily have you taken the medication?

  • But how is your health and how is your t-cell count?

  • And how is your viral load?

  • I think that those are the two questions that I always have been asked by them.

  • >> With the original regimen I used -- I used daily reminders and I used pill boxes.

  • And I would fill them at the beginning of every week so I'd know that if

  • at 3pm there was still six pills there then I clearly missed the morning dose

  • and I would catch up on it.

  • I would also write things in my planner and color code until I became very comfortable

  • with -- until it became second nature.

  • >> Then I started to get all these tools and how to do it using little alarms.

  • And carry a couple of days supply with you so if you're not home at that time of day.

  • And I have a lot of education behind it right now.

  • What makes it easier is that I know that it works better with food so plan that time frame.

  • I take it later in the day as opposed to first thing in the morning.

  • I have alarm on my music which is usually in my ears most

  • of the time will tell me that it's time.

  • I keep a supply handy right there in -- within eyesight because if it's --

  • I can't see it sometimes it doesn't exist.

  • So I keep it a six day -- a seven day supply here, a two day supply in my pocket book

  • so I know when it's five o'clock no matter where I am it's within an arm's reach.

  • And that's how I work it.

>> A support team is greater than the medication.


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