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  • By definition we must move to renewable energy. I think people sometimes

  • you know how I can I argue against that because

  • to argue for it is to say that we will eventually run out of energy and die.

  • I mean all of our civilization will collapse. So, obviously we must find ways to produce

  • energy and renewable matter.

  • The question is just how hard we should try, what pace we should go at.

  • And I i think

  • logically we should go as fast as we can.

  • Because since we know we have to get there eventually,

  • it's better to to get to renewable future, sustainable future sooner

  • rather than later. And get there before we do the environmental damage, not after.

  • Even if no one could say that

  • maybe there isn't that much environmental damage.

  • maybe the environmental damage

  • maybe it won't be that bad. Why take the chance?

  • You would say

  • We also looking at really provide the energy that we need. A lot people don't

  • perhaps appreciate that solar energy is already

  • the source that the vast majority of us energy.

  • Without solar power we would be

  • a frozen ice bowl

  • at about three or four degrees.

  • above absolute zero. So really all we're talking about

  • for the solar electricity is

  • is taking the tiny tiny of energy that

  • the humanity needs for electricity which I would say is

  • super tiny compared to the amount of solar energy that hits the earth.

  • You could recall that could see that the United States needs

  • with about I'm a

  • hundred-mile by hundred-mile group of solar power

  • so you just take a corner Arizona and that would be

  • they all the energy that the United States needs

  • I think the important

  • with with batteries is there really is no material shortage

  • the request has essentially an infinite amount of metal

  • as far as Mary's concert we have barely scratched the surface love

  • the the resort for the metal resource availability

  • above the earth's crust on and and this is a very fundamentally different thing

  • from mining

  • mining coal or oil or you know because

  • a metal is recycled I'm so once you have enough metal to support a given size

  • industry

  • then it just keeps do it just keeps going into in recycling process i mean

  • they may be a small amount that exits for such as recycling process

  • but it's quite a small amount I'm and

  • so 44 lithium-ion battery packs a in the case a Tesla

  • to the that the be a cathode

  • which is made of nickel cobalt aluminum is

  • the most expensive part in the above the cell

  • piano is made of carbon and and then there's a a thin steel shell

  • around the cell so I'm the

  • the really the only part about that is remotely

  • SKS and I i sat down only slightly so is cobalt

  • I'm and that's why we moved from a pure couple cather to nickel coal Flynn

  • cather

  • which use only about a quarter as much coupled I'm

  • but this this as much because you could possibly want

  • certainly as much as aluminum is as your you've made

  • I'm and much shorter steel I

  • and and the cobalt is it's very expensive but this certainly plenty

  • available to support all the world's meets

  • so there really is not some fundamental medals

  • shortage a with respect that fact spend as much a

  • end-of-life you recycle them I'm sit within you can do you think a battery

  • pack is basically

  • really high grade or and thats its

  • it's much more efficient to recycle a battery pack

  • I'm which has been essentially very high concentrations of nickel cobalt women

  • than it is to mine rock which has a very low concentrations so

  • you know it it's at end of life I'm

  • a lithium-ion battery pack has so about

  • ten to twenty percent of its value in

  • and as as recycling I so you definitely pay it pays to recycle

By definition we must move to renewable energy. I think people sometimes


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