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  • after completing the CS 50 course.

  • What would be the best way for the student?

  • I'm not from the computer signs.

  • I did not have the computer science degree.

  • I'm a teacher.

  • Uhm so, um, what it would be but the best thing to start different court other courses on computer science, maybe to do some logic tasks or go to the leak code because or actually fill in the gaps with the books on the theory.

  • So how can we move after that?

  • Yeah, let me paste one link that I that I often recommend.

  • Some friends at Princeton teach this course here, which is freely available.

  • I just pasted it into the chat window on course era.

  • It's Princeton's introduction algorithms, part one.

  • And there's also a part two.

  • That's a very common next step when you want to learn a bit more computing theory after taking one or more programming classes.

  • More fundamental than that to computer science itself is this one.

  • I'm gonna go ahead and paste the link of a book on Amazon.

  • This link might not work in all countries, but you should still be able to see the title there by Michael Sip sir, who's a professor at M I T.

  • And the book is called Theory of Introduction to the Theory of Computation.

  • This, for those unfamiliar, really gets to the heart of what computer science is in what is possible with computers.

  • And I actually use that book when I was a student some time ago and Harbored Uses it now in their introductory course.

  • Are has over the years, and that's a good, pretty accessible book.

  • But you would benefit certainly from doing some of the problems in the book or from a course on Brian has taken more courses more recently, who could perhaps speak even better to these options?

  • You actually stole my recommendation there.

  • I was also about to pace the Theory of computation book by Michael Simpson.

after completing the CS 50 course.


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