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On July 16, 1945
the earth experienced its first atomic explosion near the city of San Antonio, New Mexico.
The bomb was called Trinity, and it paved the way for decades of numerous nuclear explosions.
while nuclear explosions don't contribute to the global warming
They can kill millions of people, Cause a crash in global temperatures
and render lands completely useless for growing crops for more than five years
That being said, who has the power to do so?
Well, aside from the famous United States and Russia
There is the United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan and North Korea
There's also been a debate going on whether Israel has nuclear weapons or not
apart from these countries there are some that participate in a nuclear sharing program
which allows them to have nuclear weapons for defensive purposes only
Those countries are Belgium, Germany, Italy, Turkey, and the Netherlands
There are also countries that used to have nuclear weapons but chose to dissolve them
Those countries are South Africa, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine
Aside from the famous Nagasaki and Hiroshima
there has been quite a few nuclear explosions for testing purposes
mainly by the United States and the former Soviet Union
And although the nuclear weapons prevented the progression of the cold war
It could've led to the complete destruction of our species
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Who Has Nuclear Weapons?

561 タグ追加 保存
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