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The Mongol Empire, ruled by The Great Mongol Khans
Was the largest land empire in history
In just 80 years, the empire size was 5 times bigger
Than the Roman Empire
And the Mongols were brutal conquerors
Who wiped out villages, seiged great cities and even destroyed whole empires
But they were also known for their religious tolerance
Allowing numerous people to worship as they wished across the Empire
And while the Mongolians were great conquerors
Their empire soon split into different Khanates
And later dissolved in 1368 AD
Which caused it to become weak
And fall under the rule of China in 1635
Led by the Qing dynasty
China ruled Manoglia for over 200 years
Before the Mangolians gained their independence in the 19th century
Soon after, Mongolia fell under the Soviet influence
And became a communist state in 1924
During that time
The mentioning of Genghis Khan was forbidden
As it was feared that it would cause a rebellion
However, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1989
Mongolia reinvented itself as a democracy
And as the young nation began to evolve from the shadows of the Soviet influence
The people started seeing Genghis Khan again
As the father of the nation
Wondering what the world would be like if the Mongol Empire never existed?
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The Mongol Empire

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