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  • The Mongol Empire, ruled by The Great Mongol Khans

  • Was the largest land empire in history

  • In just 80 years, the empire size was 5 times bigger

  • Than the Roman Empire

  • And the Mongols were brutal conquerors

  • Who wiped out villages, seiged great cities and even destroyed whole empires

  • But they were also known for their religious tolerance

  • Allowing numerous people to worship as they wished across the Empire

  • And while the Mongolians were great conquerors

  • Their empire soon split into different Khanates

  • And later dissolved in 1368 AD

  • Which caused it to become weak

  • And fall under the rule of China in 1635

  • Led by the Qing dynasty

  • China ruled Manoglia for over 200 years

  • Before the Mangolians gained their independence in the 19th century

  • Soon after, Mongolia fell under the Soviet influence

  • And became a communist state in 1924

  • During that time

  • The mentioning of Genghis Khan was forbidden

  • As it was feared that it would cause a rebellion

  • However, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1989

  • Mongolia reinvented itself as a democracy

  • And as the young nation began to evolve from the shadows of the Soviet influence

  • The people started seeing Genghis Khan again

  • As the father of the nation

  • Wondering what the world would be like if the Mongol Empire never existed?

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The Mongol Empire, ruled by The Great Mongol Khans


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モンゴル帝国 (The Mongol Empire)

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